bismillah2 copy

AYAH (1_39)

  • Try to nurture the qualities of Mutaqeen.
  • Taqwa (God conciousness) should reflect in our speech, actions, manners, dealings and worship.
  • Get rid of stubbornness and ego.
  • Love of dunya, lies, deception, ridicule, and hypocrisy ate the qualities of munafiqeen.
  • In case, we find any one of these in ourselves, we must make sincere dua to get rid of it and apt good qualities.
  • Nurture good habits especially loving Allah subhana’wataAllah, truthfulness, honesty, respect and love of akhirah.
  • Worship Allah in order to be saved from the punishment.
  • Acquire knowledge in order to get guidance and avoid the pride.

AYAH (40_46)

  • Knowledge should be acquired in order to act on it.
  • Seek help through patience and salah in every difficulty.
  • Strengthen Allah’s khashiyat (love and humbleness ) in oneself.
  • Be patient in trials and difficulties hoping for reward by Allah subhana’wataAllah in Akhirah.

AYAH (47_82)

  • Worship Allah alone without declaring any partners with Him.
  • Maintain good relations with patents, relatives, orphans and poor people.
  • Kind and gentle speech.
  • Be regular in salah.
  • Pay zakah.
  • Samai’na Wa’ Ata’na – say I hear and I obey at every command of Allah subhana’wataAllah.
  • Love and respect Allah’s friends.
  • Believe that Allah is all powerful and mighty and no one can hurt us with magic without His permission.
  • Respect the scholars and Majalis of knowledge (halaqa) and pay attention to what is being taught.
  • Forgive the ones who create trouble for us due to jealousy and evil nature.
  • Focus on salah and charity if one fears the trials.

Ayah (112_141)

  • Do every deed at the level of perfection for Allah like a Mohsin.
  • Correct our intentions and deeds for Allah’s sake.
  • Pray salah, do zikr and recitation in masjid.
  • Record the quran beautifully.
  • Make dua that may Allah chose us and our progeny for His work, propagation of His Deen.
  • Focus on the quality of the deed instead of quantity and make dua that may Allah accept those from us. Ameen.
  • Be content at every decision of Allah subhana’wataAllah.
  • Advise (wasiyysh) our children to live their lives as true muslims and to die as a Muslim.
  • Our actions, manners and charger should be of one who is a muttaqi ( Allah conciousness ).

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