Our dear Prophet  said:

“He who observes fasting during the month of Ramadan with faith while seeking its reward from Allah, will have his past sins forgiven.” Reported by Abu Hurairah  (Bukhari).

Using this daily schedule (you can change timings as per), you can insha’Allah make your ramadan more productive. Also keep following things in your mind, when scheduling your daily tasks:

1- Plan your day around Salah times and you will see insha’Allah barakah in every thing.

2- Plan your day around your energy levels. Do the important tasks when you are super energetic and easy tasks when you have least energy.

3-  Invest in your Spirtual development, remember Ramadan is month of worship, do istighfar during house chores and recite morning and evening adhkar with fajar and asr prayers.

4- Energy naps are also important, you can schedule it as per your choice, but atleast 2-3 hour is necessary if you didn’t sleep from last 10-11 hours, because it will rejenuvate your energy for taraweeh and other important tasks.

5- Moms do need to spend time with kids to help them in studies or in their activities, since summer is here and kids are at home.

6- Don’t waste too much time in cooking and make it useful, for increase your time of ibadah instead. After you are done with house chores, don’t sit in front of the television watching soap operas and morning shows rather utilize this opportunity to get connected to Qur’an.

7-  Try to get through this ramadan with mindset, if laziness overcomes you or you see yourself busy with unnecessary errands, ask yourself; if this is the best use of my time?

8-  You may love to eat a lot of goodies after a long day of fasting, let’s remember Ramadan is not a month of feasting. The best strategy to prevent our minds from being occupied with food is remembering our siblings in Islam going through a tough time today. Our siblings around the world who are oppressed; whose bread earners are being mercilessly killed and their children massacred. Make a lot of du’a for them.

9- Boost your energy with Qiyam ul layl, do not look here and there staring at other people, focus on your prayer. You are in conversation with your Rabb, it is the most important conversation of the day. And don’t waste time in cafeteria of masjid, if you think you can’t stand more in Taraweeh, open your mushaf and start reflecting on the ayah’s.

Have a Guilt free Ramadan!

Check 2nd part how to divide Qur’an in 30 days for juz reading: Part 2

Ramadan Schedule designed by: Noor Janan



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