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Ayah 2:142 – 2: 252: (Part 2)

The important key points of Juz 2, are

  • Never prefer dunya for temporary benefits, our top priority should be teachings of Qur’an and we have to follow them by any means. (2:175)
  • Fasting is important pillar of islam, due to which we can attain Taqwa.  (2:183- 2:184)
  • Always hasten towards good, and get benefit of every kind of good deed, so that we would become Sideeq and Muttaqi (2:177)
  • Allah is closer to His servants, so we should pray to Him (2:186)
  • Islam is the religion of peace, the only war is to remove oppression and Fitnah, indeed fitnah is worse than killing (2:191)
  • Allah knows better then us that what is good for us, so be content what He has bestowed us, never be displeased with His decisions. (2:219-2:220)
  • Aqeedah is important, never compromise on it just to marry with a person you like, this ayah gives criteria what should be choosed during marriage  (2:221)
  • Important law of divorce, islam teaches us to be kind even dealing matters of divorce, never ordained limits of Allah (2:227-2:229)
  • When a widow have fulfilled her term (idah), she can remarry where she likes in a reasonable allowed manner. (2:234)
  • Support deen with true intention, hard work and lots of supplication. (2:250)

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