bismillah2 copy

AYAH 45 – 56 

As bearers of the final message to mankind, how eager are we to educate ourselves with the story of Isa Alayhis-salaam? Here Allah gives us a comprehensive details about him.

Allah mentions Isa alayhi-salaam’s miraculous birth, his honored status in world (dunya) and hereafter (aakhirah), out of those who are nearer to Allah. Then lists his miracles:

  • Speaking in the cradle and in maturity.
  • Knowledge of Torah and Injeeland wisdom.
  • Blowing life in birds of clay, be’izanillah.
  • Curing those who are born blind.
  • Curing the leper.
  • Raising the dead to life.
  • Knowledge of what people ate and what they stored behind.

He confirmed the message of the Torah and made religion easy for the Bani Israel.

Despite witnessing these miracles the majority disbelieved, except for a small group of disciples. Then Allah saved him from the crucifixion plot of the Jews and raised him alive.

These verses were revealed when a group of 60 Christians came from Najran. The Prophetsallulaho copy asked them these questions:

  1. Don’t you know that your Lord is all living and will never die while Jesus will face death?
  2. Do you know that the son bears a liking to his father? Allah Almighty is the Protector and Sustainer for the entire universe. Does Jesus also protect and sustain the entire universe?
  3. Do you agree that nothing in the universe is hidden from Allah? Is it also the case with Jesus?
  4. Do you know that Allah is in no need of eating, drinking or other bodily needs? While Jesus used to eat, drink and fulfill other bodily needs.

The Christians were speechless but still refused to believe because of their stubbornness. They refused the Prophet’ssallulaho copy  offer for ‘Mubahila’ for fear of Allah’s curse upon them.

After such clarity (in the Quran and Sunnah) concerning the biggest religious group in the world , we as Muslims have a responsibility to convey the truth to them. But are we fullfilling this responsibility?

Written by: Sr Sumaiyya


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