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The title of the fourth chapter of the Qur’an (An Nisaa) means “Women.” It deals with many issues regarding women, family life, marriage, and divorce. Chronologically, the chapter also falls shortly after the Muslims’ defeat at the Battle of Uhud.

Surah An Nisa Ayahs 24 to 147 (Part1)

  • [4:24] Men are forbidden to marry already married women.
  • [4:25] Nikah is the only way to fulfill a person’s sexual desires and it’s a noble contract between two serious people. There is no concept of a boyfriend girlfriend relationship in Islam.
  • [4:28] Always think well of Allah azza wa jall and never think His laws are making things difficult for you. Allah ‘azza wa jall wants you to prosper and truly, by not following His instructions you are making your own life difficult.
  • [4:29] Allah Ta’ala prohibits His believing servants from illegally acquiring each other’s property using various dishonest methods such as Riba, gambling and other wicked methods that appear to be legal, but Allah knows that, in reality, those involved seek to deal in interest.
  • [4:29] Murder and suicide are strictly prohibited. Both acts are Haraam and carry severe punishment in the Akhirah.
  • [4:31] Keep away from major sins (kabaa’ir) like shirk, disobedience to parents, e.t.c. and Allah will remove all your minor sins AND He will give you Jannah, now that is Mercy.
  • [4:32] Do not wish for what other people are given, of blessings or luxuries that you don’t possess, for this is decreed for them by Allah who is All Wise All Knowing, and wishing [or envying] does not change its decree. However, Allah tells you to ask Him for His favor and He will grant it to you, if it is best for you. For indeed He is Most Generous and Most Giving
  • [4:34] Men are in charge of women because of their physical strength and their responsibility of earning livelhood.
  • [4:34] A righteous woman is obedient to her husband and protects her honor and her husband’s property when he is absent.
  • [4:36] Being kind to parents is mentioned directly after worshiping Allah alone: We need to stop ourselves from shouting at our parents and strive to do good for them. Be good to close and far neighbours and remember this is an act of ibaadah.
  • [4:38] Never give sadaqah to show off to others.
  • [4:51] Believing in Jibt (sorcery) and Taghut (shaytan) is Shirk and there’s no forgivness for this sin.
  • [4:56] The punishment for disbelieving in the ayaat of Allah is Hellfire which burns the skins over and over again. Imagine the skin being roasted in the Hellfire; the skin is an extremely sensitive part of the body and very sensitive to pain. May Allah protect our necks and skins from the Hell Fire.
  • [4:58] Every Amanah [trust] is important, even of a child.

Part 2

English Compilation: Sr. Mariam Anwer ( Quest for Paradise)


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