I came across beauty of this Surah that how Allah subhana’watalah has combined the warnings, instructions and admonitions, by stating the whole infrastructure on which Islamic state was going to built in Madinah and then all over the world.
As we look theme and background of Surah, the name is given as per first ayah Surah Al Isra ( the journey of night), it is pointing towards the Bani Israel as well, so also known as Surah Bani Israel.
The Surah was revealed before a year of Hijrah, so it is said to Bani Isreal to avail this last opportunity, if you ll behave same like as u are already behaving then u ll soon meet with the severe punishment.

In this connection, the fundamental principles of morality and civilization of Islamic System of life have been put forward. Thus this was a sort of the Manifesto of the intended Islamic state.

  • Ayah 13-15 tells us that our fate is in our hands and tells us that what we do will be rewarded or punished for on the Day of Judgement.
  • Ayah 25-27, have righteous life, in balanced manner. Don’t be etravagant in spending
  • Ayah 26- Take care of of the relatives, poors, Islam emphasize on obligations.

As a matter of fact, it is ingratitude towards Allah’s favor to spend money for the sake of show, luxury and sinful acts and similar things which are neither man’s real necessities nor useful. Therefore, those people who spend money lavishly on such things as these are the brothers of Satan.

  • Ayah 31: it was revealed to forbid the pre-Islamic Arab practice of killing or burying alive a newborn child (particularly a girl) on account to refrain poverty or female child.

Besides these, the Holy Prophet sallulaho copy has been instructed to stick firmly to his stand without minding the opposition and difficulties which he was encountering and should never think of making a compromise with unbelief. Moreover, we learn that Mi’raj was the first occasion on which the five daily Prayers were prescribed to be offered at fixed times, to purify and reform the souls.



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