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Sura Al-An’amIt revolves around the most important aspect of Aqeedah which is Tawheed, it continues with a reminder that believers should avoid people who are stubborn and rebellious.  They may seem successful in some areas of this life, but they will receive their due punishment from Allah on the Day of Judgment. Even if they were to see the most incredible of miracles, they would not be convinced of the Truth.

Surah Al An’am Ayahs 111 to 165

  • (6:111) The one who doesn’t wish to be guided and who doesn’t want to accept facts of Deen will never accept them even if he witnesses angels descending from the sky or dead bodies speaking.
  • (6:112) Success and Victory is achieved when you follow the Truth instead of following the majority of people. The people will lead you astray.
  • (6:119) Do not lead people on the wrong path because of your lack of knowledge of Deen following just your whims and desires. Don’t say: ‘I think this…’, or ‘I wish that….’e.t.c. Gain authentic knowledge from Quran and Hadeeth.
  • (6:120) Protect yourself from all kinds of sins. A sin is something which causes the soul and heart, both to be restless. Being arrogant and persisting in sin, in other words, living the way you want and forgetting about Allah leads to a depressed life. How many act like they have it all, but are in reality depressed and restless?
  • (6:122) The example of the one who is guided to the Light of the Truth and the one who is far from the Truth lost in the darkness is like the living and the dead.
  • (6:125) Doing righteous deeds becomes easy for the one who gets the tawfiq of guidance by Allah. Pray for it.
  • (6:127) Jannah is the home of Peace –  reward for the one who accept the Truth and does righteous deeds.
  • (6:132) The status and level of the people in Akhirah will depend on their deeds. We will know on the Day of Qiyamah who has gone foremost in good deeds and won the race.
  • (6:151-152) Shirk, being disobedient to parents, killing your children out of fear of poverty, apparent and hidden immoralities, murder, consuming orphan’s wealth, not giving full measure and weight in justice, unjust testification and not fulfilling promises and covenant of Allah are all actions which have been declared HARAM.
  • (6:135) Eeman and Righteous actions go hand in hand. If you have eeman then you have to prove it through your righteous actions.
  • (6:159) On the Day of Qiyamah, Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam) will have no relation with the ones who move away from the sunnah, create Ikhtilaf and divide into sects and groups.
  • (6:142) Reflect on how Allah created al an’aam (the livestock) for us to benefit from. And be grateful for the meat you eat and the milk you drink.
  • (6:160) Feel blessed you have a Lord who multiplies (reward of) good deeds with minimum ten, while only counting bad deeds once.
  • (6:161) Sirat Al Mustaqeem is the straight path which was the path of Prophet Ibrahim (alaihissalam), pure from shirk, leading straight to Allah’s Pleasure.
  • (6:162) Acts of worship and all actions of your life are only for Allah, with complete submission and you should race to obey and follow his rules. Stay away from shirk and dedicate your life to Allah and ask Him to help you to do so.
  • (6:165) Know that wealth is a trial and that Allah tests you with every single thing He gives you.


English Compilation: Sr. Mariam Anwer ( Quest for Paradise)


4 thoughts on “JUZ 8 – POINTS TO PONDER (Part 1)

  1. i found it very useful but if it would be in urdu then it would be more helpful for me and others
    Do you ppl have urdu stuff from juz 1 to juz 30?
    Jazakumullah khair


    • Aswrwb Sr. Tayyaba,

      JazakAllahu khairun kaseera for your comment. The pic we shared with this post has a short Urdu summary of Juz 8. While we summarized it in English. If Allah wills, we will insha’Allah try to share some Urdu posts on Quran summaries and reflections. There are some other posts on general topics which are purely in Urdu too. Kindly keep in touch with our blog and share with others to spread Knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.



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