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Surah Al- Anfal 1 to 40

  • [8:1] Mutual relations are better than all wealth and glory in the world so do not fight with each other regarding wealth
  • [8:2] When Allah is mentioned does it effect your heart? Ask Allah to make you increase in emaan when the Quran is being recited. How many of us listen to the Quran and remain unchanged? It takes sincere dua to Him, to make you of those who “feel” the ayaat of the Quran.
  • [8:2-4] Read these ayaat and strive this Ramadan to be of the believers whom Allah describes in these verses! As for them Allah has kept high positions, forgiveness and an amazing provision.
  • [8:22] The worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are those who turn a deaf ear to the commands of Allah (the disbelievers). Why would you want to imitate them in their behavior, trends, speech, celebrations etc?
  • [8:24] Know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart. It’s like we are never on our own, Allah has control on our hearts. We might be determined to do something but we don’t do it…why? Because Allah doesn’t allow it. Or we might be aiming to achieve something but Allah inspires us to do otherwise. Like in the case of a believer…if somehow he inclines towards kufr or shirk, if Allah wills, then He comes between him and his heart and changes his feelings/saves him OR it might be the other way round too (na’uzubillah). So we need to HASTEN to respond to Allah, His commands and ask/beg Him to make us firm on the truth…As we never know if we are slow in responding to His orders…there might come a time when Allah might seal our hearts…so that we are never able to implement those important orders and no light of guidance shall enter into our hearts, NA’UZUBILLAH!

 Prophet sallalhu alyhi wasallam said, “The hearts are between two of Allah’s fingers, He changes them (as He wills).” (Ahmed)

  • [8:25] Allah warns His believing servants of a Fitnah, trial and test, that encompasses the wicked and those around them. Therefore, such Fitnah will not be restricted to the sinners and evildoers. Rather, it will reach the others if the sins are not stopped and prevented. Mother of the believers Umm Salamah said, I heard the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) saying;

“If sins become apparent in my Ummah, Allah will surround them with punishment from Him.” She said; ‘O RasoolAllah! Will they have righteous people among them then?’ He said; “BALAA (YES)!” She said; ‘What will happen to them?’ He said; “They will be stricken as the other people, but they will end up with Allah’s forgiveness and pleasure!” (Ahmad, 6:304)

  • [8:29] If you fear Allah, Allah will grant you Furqan – a criterion differentiate between right and wrong and He will remove from you your misdeeds and forgive you.
  • [8:40] Scared? Alone? Remember, Your Rabb is your Mawla – Protector. And He is your Naseer – Helper. And Excellent is He as the protector, and Excellent is He as the helper. So seek His Help and trust His decisions for you.


English Compilation: Sr. Mariam Anwer ( Quest for Paradise)


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