REFLECTIONS ON JUZZ 22 – Surah Al-Ahzaab

Surah Al-Ahzaab

Ayah 35

Allah subhana’watalah gave us a list of qualities to have, how’s our character should be

  • Muslilm, Believer, Obedient, Truthful, Patient
  • Humility, give charity, Fast, Be modest and guard your private parts, Increase rememberance of Allah

For these people, men or women, Allah has perpared a great reward and grant them His forgiveness.

Ayah 37 -40

Prophet’s marrige to Zaynab R.A:  Prophet sallulaho copy had an adopted son, named Zayd bin Harithah, whose ex-wife was Zaynab bint Jahsh Al-Asadiyyah, may Allah be pleased with her, whose mother was Umaymah bint `Abd Al-Muttalib. When her marriage to Zayd R.A was over and he had separated from her, Allah subhana’watalah chose Prophet sallulaho copy as her husband. That was unheard in arab society, but Allah did that, so there would no longer be any difficulty for the believers with regard to their marrying the ex-wives of their adopted sons. Also, Zayd R.A is the only companion that is mentioned in the Quran by name. Allah subhana’watalah revealed this marriage from above the heaven. Zayd R.A used to be called as Zayd ibn Muhammad, the son of Muhammad. Allah put a stop to this.

Ayah 41-44 

Allah commands His believing servants to remember their Lord much, Who has bestowed upon them all kinds of blessings and favors, because this will bring them a great reward and a wonderful destiny. Do tasbeeh in the morning and evening . Allah sends salutaions on believers and His angels do the same. The greetings from Allah on the Day that they meet Him, will be “Salam“.

Ayah 45-47

Prophet will testify for believers مبشرا, a bearer of glad tidings to the believers of a great reward, and testify against non believers نذيرا, a warner of a great punishment.  The duty of a Prophet was to call people towards the guidance of Allah.

Ayah 53

Manners to enter in Rasul Allah’ s sallulaho copy house.

  • Take permission before entering the house.
  • If invited, leave as the purpose served.
  • If you have to ask something, ask from a partition.

Ayah 56

Send salutations (salam) upon Prophet sallulaho copy and follow his sunnah.

Ayah 70

Fear Allah and speak truthfully in straight manner.

By Sr. Shabana Chaudhary, shared with slight modifications


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