How to survive the summer?

I agree it all depends on intenstions. Also, in summer thick fabric hijab should be avoided, but the summer hijab cloth should also not be see through and should not be worn in a way that purpose of hijab would die.

Weekly Hijab


The temperatures begins to rise , the summer is there, the sun is shining and there you have it … ” How do I survive this summer with my Hijab ?!” It’s one of the first and greatest concerns of a novice or experienced Hijabi .

Well , believe me. We all cared about it, but isn’t all so bad  if you do it smart indeed . Today I give you some tips and tricks for summer without going into overheating and effortlessly. For indeed, as Hijabi you are covered and you can’t wear short skirts, but does that mean we have it warmer than someone without Hijab ? Not at all!

Believe me. I wear my Hijab 4 years and oke, the summer is hot, especially last summer , but I ‘m not hot because of my Hijab . That’s the difference . My Hijab gives me no extra…

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