Surah Az-Zumar:

  • Ayah of hope – Do not think that I have committed so many sins Allah swt will not forgive. Do not delay in repenting to He swt is Ghafoor ur Raheem. (Surah Az-Zumer 53)
  • On day of Qiyamah Allah swt will take this earth in His hands like a child Carries a ball in his hands & then He swt would say “Where are the kings of the world.” This ayah shakes you so much as it shows ultimate Power of Allah subhana’watalah (Surah Az-Zumer 67)
  • When people of Jannah will enter Jannah they will say ‘Alhumdolilah that He swt has entered us in Jannah, they will give credit to Allah swt. (Surah Az-Zumer 74)

Surah Al-Momin:

  • Angels make duas of Isteghfar for believer this gives so much satisfaction and happiness. We should also remember each other in our duas. (Surah Al-Momin 7)
  • When we roll our eyes or wink at others to make fun, no one sees but Allah swt catches that as well, so be careful nothing goes out of His notice. (Surah Al-Momin 19)
  • Firoun and his people were drowned in water but are presented over fire day & evening, this ayah is dalil on azab e qabar. No matter how a person dies he gets reward or punishment according to his deeds. (Surah Al-Momin 46)
  • Allah subhana’watalah is saying to us to call upon Him swt, those who turn away from Him and do not make dua out of arrogance will enter Jahanum.  (Surah Al-Momin 60)

Surah Fussilat:

  • Heavens and earth are in complete submission to Allah. Am I? ( Surah Fussilat 11)
  • Whatever we do good or evil our ears, eyes and skin are with us, we can’t leave them anywhere. But we forget and do things with thinking no one is seeing and these body parts are witness upon us. May Allah subhna’watalah give us shaoor(aqal) that we realize this fact. (Surah Fussilat 22)
  • How Quran effects differently on people .It is cure & guidance for believers but it becomes burden for disbelievers. (Surah Fussilat 44)

Written By: Sr. Uzma Hussain


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