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Surah Al Kahf  75 to 110

  • [18:82] Musa’s (alayhissalam) story teaches us that the outer appearance of things usually fools us…only Allah knows what situation is best for any individual. A problem is not always a problem. Only Allah knows better how that specific problem is going to be beneficial for a person. Similarly, we complain about a certain system or problem in the DUNYA…but then it’s according to Allah’s Plan and His wisdom. He created the dunya and the creatures in it…how can we doubt about His decision for us? Soon when the veils of the unseen will be lifted then we will know and be sure that what happened was right for us…and we couldn’t have chosen a better destiny for ourselves. Sometimes it so happens that we fail to get the things we really want but many years down the road we realize that what happened was best for us…not getting that specific blessing then was the best for us! So our duty is to strive and do our best and if things don’t go the way we want them to go then we have to accept the Decisions of Allah for us and not be angry or depressed as He is the Only One who creates us, provides for us, and takes from us!
  • [18:82] Be righteous and fear Allah for, if you do so Allah will not just keep you in His special care and protection but even your family and future generation will be in His special protection because of your good deeds.
  • [18:83-98] Don’t let the luxuries make you lazy and useless. Dhul Qarnain was a wealthy and powerful king but that didn’t make him arrogant and lazy. He used to travel far and wide just to check on people and bring reform. He helped the people against Yajooj Majooj and built a strong wall with melted iron.
  • [18:98] Always ask for the mercy of Allah…when sick, worried or in problems.
  • [18:103-104] Don’t let the world blind you of your obligations and goal to reach Jannah. The biggest losers will be those who live and die only for dunya and do not prepare for the meeting with Allah. Their good deeds will carry no weight on the Day of Qiyamah.
  • [18:107] Aim for Al Firdaws – Highest level of Paradise. It is reserved for those who believe and do lots of righteous deeds.
  • [18:109]  If the sea were ink for the Words of my Lord, surely, the sea would be exhausted before the Words of my Lord would be finished) Allah subhana’watalah says that even if those oceans were ink for the Words of Allah, and all the trees were pens, the pens would be broken and the water of the sea would run dry, and the Words of Allah would remain, for nothing can outlast them. For no one can comprehend the greatness of Allah or praise Him as He deserves to be praised, except the One Who praises Himself. Our Lord is as He says He is and He is beyond what we can say. The blessings of this world, the beginning and end of it, in comparison to the blessings of the Hereafter, are like a mustard seed compared to the entire world.

PART 2  – PART 3

English Compilation By: Sr. Mariam Anwer (Quest for Paradise)


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