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Surah Al-Hajj, the first 24 verses focus on a similar theme, warning the unbelievers that the punishment is coming.The rest of surah is believed to have been revealed after the Muslims migrated to Madinah.  There, they began to form a community dedicated to the worship of Allah and the practice of Islam. When the believers spent their first Hajj month in Madinah, however, some believers found themselves feeling torn – nostalgic for their homes in Makkah, wavering in the face of hardships, and/or angry about being prevented from performing Hajj by the Makkan leaders.

Surah Al-Hajj 1 to 78

  • [22: 1- 2] Nothing could protect man from the horrors of Day of Judgment except the fear of Allah. Be conscious of Him in this life, and you will be under His protection during the horrors of the Hour.
  • [22: 5- 6] Allah’s power and ability to resurrect that is evident from the way He initiates creation. He created from worthless drop; from semen of despised water. If He could give it life, surely is able to give life to the dead. Indeed He is able to do all things.
  • [22: 8- 10] Don’t be among those who dispute concerning Allah, don’t get caught up innovation and misguidance, and become those who reject the truth, the followers of falsehood – they abandon what Allah has revealed to His messenger of the clear truth, and follow the statements of their misguiding leaders calling to innovation, desires and [their] opinions and mislead others from the right path. For such people is disgrace in this world, and a painful punishment in Hereafter.
  • [22: 11] Beware & Be careful! and DO NOT be of the ones who are happy in worshiping Allah as long as He showers them with blessings & bounties and turn depressed, doubtful & frustrated as soon as Allah tests them with trials and problems. Know dear Believer, this life is a test and you will be tested both with times of ease as well as difficulty. You will only be successful & at peace if you accept the decree of Allah and remain strong, patient and submissive to Allah at all times. May Allah guide us and bless us with strong eeman at all times, Aameen!
  • [22: 12- 14]  Those who believe firmly in their hearts and confirm their faith by their actions, doing all kinds of righteous deeds and avoiding evil actions. Because of this, they will inherit dwellings in the lofty ranks of the gardens of Paradise.
  • [22: 15] Know that Allah will always protect, support and help His Messenger, His Book and His religion, and whoever thinks otherwise, let him go and kill himself if it annoys him so much. For Allah will most certainly help and support him.
  • [22: 16] Ask Allah sincerely to show you the right path, prove to Him that you are worthy of His guidance and He will surely open the doors of Hidayah for you.
  • [22: 18] Allah alone is deserving of worship. Everything prostrates to His might, willingly or unwillingly, and everything prostrates in a manner that befits its nature. Thus, everything in the Heavens and earth is His slave, and prostrate to Him alone, yet there are those among man who refuse prostration, and are stubborn and arrogant.
  • [22: 23- 24] Those who believe and do righteous deeds, they have been guided to the straight path in this world, and will be admitted to the paradise in the Hereafter. We ask Allah to make us from them.
  • [22: 25] Be extra conscious of Allah when you are in the Blessed House of Allah. The Haram is unique in that the mere intention of sin therein (whether or not its actually carried out) is sufficient to bring punishment from Allah.
  • [22: 26] The House of Allah has been purified from idols, for those who circumbulate, and pray only to Allah.
  • [22: 27- 29] Perform Hajj (pilgrimage) to the House of Allah, with all its manasik. And if you do what Allah has commanded us to do in the rituals of Hajj then there is a great reward for you.
  • [22: 30] Don’t think of any sin as small, think of the One you are disobeying. Avoid disobeying Him and regard committing sin as a very serious matter, and you will attain much good and a great reward for doing that.
  • [22: 31] Submit to His will, stay away from all falsehood and seek the truth.
  • [22: 33] There are benefits for you in the animals marked for sacrificial for a specified term; they may be milked or ridden before the time of slaughter, but they should be sacrificed within the boundaries of Haram, which includes Mina.
  • [22: 34]  Sacrificing cattle and shedding their blood in the Name of Allah has been prescribed for all nations, and even though the Laws of the Prophets may vary and may abrogate one another. All of the Prophets called mankind to worship Allah Alone with no partner or associate.
  • [22: 35] The characteristics of His humble slaves; they are those whose hearts fear Him, and when afflictions fall upon them, they bear it patiently, those who fulfill the duties which Allah has enjoined upon them, the duty of performing the obligatory prayers, and spend out of the  the good provision which Allah has given them. They spend on their families and servants, and on the poor and needy; they treat people kindly while remaining within the limits set by Allah.With last ten nights of Ramadan ahead of us, lets try to imbibe and instill these habits into ourselves, so we would be written amongst those who are His humble slaves bi’dhniAllahi ta’ala!
  • [22: 36] It’s a blessing of Allah upon us that He created Budn (cattle and camel)  for us and made them one of His symbols. He has decreed that they should be brought to His Sacred House; indeed, they are the best of that which may be offered as a sacrifice to Allah.
  • [22: 37] Sacrifice is prescribed for you so that you will remember Him at the time of slaughter. He is the Creator and Provider. Nothing of its flesh or blood reaches Him, for He has no need of anything other than Himself.
  • [22: 38] Trust Allah and repent to Him for your sins! Allah defends His servants who put their trust in Him and turn to Him in repentance; He protects them from the worst of evil people and the plots of the sinners; He protects them, guards them and supports them. And He does not like any of His servants who bear these characteristics, i.e., treachery in covenants and promises and the one who denies the blessings, and does not acknowledge or appreciate them.
  • [22: 42- 44] Allah consoles His Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for the disbelief of those among his people who opposed him. Every prophet that came with the truth from Allah was criticized, ridiculed, threatened and mocked at, so if you are holding on to the truth and you are facing oppositions, then do not grieve, indeed you are on the right path and your reward is with Allah
  • [22: 46]  Do not be blind or heedless to the signs of Allah. There is blindness more pervasive and more subtle than the blindness of the eyes. There is deafness more insidious than that of the ears. It is the blindness and deafness of the heart and mind – born of heedlessness, and thoughtlessness. We ask Allah to bless us with the heart that can see Allah’s greatness and body that would find comfort and pleasure in His worship.
  • [22: 47- 51] Be of those who do good and encourage good. As those whose hearts believe and whose actions confirm their faith, for them is forgiveness for their previous bad deeds, and a great reward in return for a few good deeds. While those who discourage people from following the Prophet, for them is the agonizingly hot Fire with its severe punish- ment, may Allah save us from it.
  • [22: 61- 62] Allah is the Creator, he directs your affairs as He wills. He is All-Hearer, All-Seer. He hears what you say, and He sees you, nothing about you is hidden from Him whatsoever. Thus He is True God, no one deserves worship except Him. We are in need of Him and we should submit to Him alone. Everything that you worship instead of Him (may He be exalted) is false, because it can neither bring you benefit nor cause harm.
  • [22: 66] Allah is the One who gave you life, then He causes you to die and then He will again give you life, are you still grateful to Him?
  • [22: 70] Not even the weight of a speck of dust, or less than that or greater escapes His knowledge in the heavens or in the earth. He knows all things even before they happen, and He has written that in His Book, Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz.
  • [22: 73]  Allah points out the insignificance of the idols and the foolishness of those who worship them. Even if all the idols and false gods whom you worship were to come together to create a single fly, they would not be able to do that, moreover, they are unable to resist it or take revenge against it if it were to take anything from the good on which it lands. If they wanted to recover that, they would not be able to, even though the fly is the weakest and most insignificant of Allah’s creatures.
  • [22: 74] They have not recognized the might and power of Allah when they wor- ship alongside Him those who cannot even ward off a fly, because they are so weak and incapable, and Allah is the All-Strong Who, by His might and power, created all things.
  • [22: 75- 76] Allah tells us that He chooses Messengers from His angels as He wills by His law and decree, and He chooses Messengers from mankind to convey His Message. He knows what will happen to His Messengers and the Message He sent them with, for none of their affairs are hidden from Him.
  • [22: 77- 78] Worship Allah and strive hard in good deeds. Allah has selected you and chosen you over all other nations, and has favored you and blessed you and honored you with the noblest of Messengers and the noblest of Laws. He has not given you more than you can bear and He has not obliged you to do anything that will cause you difficulty except that He has created for you a way out. Thus, fulfill your duties towards Allah, doing that which He has enjoined upon you and avoiding that which He had forbidden, and seek the help and support of Allah and put your trust in Him, and get strength from Him. He is your Protector and your Helper, He is the One Who will cause you to prevail against your enemies.
Note: Surah al-Hajj is the only Surah where there are 2 points/verses of sujud (prostration). This is interesting because the sujud is a significant mark of submission, and the entire story of Ibrahim (May Allah be pleased with him) and the rites of Hajj that we perform today are all about submission and submitting to a Command Allah.
English Compilation by Sr. Mariam Anwer (Quest for Paradise)

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