• Every living being is created from water, it’s a scientific fact which is known only few years, but it is mentioned in Quran 1400 years ago, another proof Quran is from Allah subhana’watalah, it’s not man made.  (Ayah 30)
  • If Imaan is like that of Ibrahim (A.S) then fire will not harm. Make your Imaan strong & you will seek Allah’s help in’sha’Allah when there is no way out. (Ayah 69)
  • In intense pain & sickness, we should recite this dua انِّي مسنّي الضَّر و انتَ ارحم الرّحمين (Ayah 83)
  • Dua of karb and a best tasbeeh لا اله الا الله الا انت سبحنك انّى كنت من ا لظلمين  (Ayah 87)


  • Deen is not by choice, if things are going easy I follow it , when tide is going against me I leave it. This Attitude will lead to loss of both worlds. (Ayah 11)
  • May Allahsubhana’watalah save us from the torment of hell fire. Dresses of fire already cut , hot boiling water being poured over heads and inmates can’t run away from the punishment, should not take these warnings easy. (Ayah 19-20)
  • Does my heart tremble from the remembrance of Allah? It’s a test of being humble. (Ayah 35)
  • If we help and work for cause of deen Allah subhana’watalah will surely help us. (Ayah 40)

Written By Sr. Uzma Hussain


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