Why Should I Study Qur’an?

It is story of every other muslim, who tasted the flavor of Quran and doesn’t like to go back!!

Verse By Verse Qur'an Study Circle

“Hey, no! I mean what do you do? For real that is?” asked Tania with exasperation.

“I just told you Tania, I study and teach Qur’an,” replied Bisma smilingly.

“You have a degree in communications and you have chosen to teach Qur’an? I don’t get it. Why would you waste your education? You were a high achiever throughout academic and professional life.” Tania continued to ask.

“I don’t think I am wasting my education. I am only exploring a new world,” Bisma replied.

“Well, we have been studying Qur’an ever since we started speaking. Almost everyone knows the basic message. You should offer your Salah, give Zakat, be respectful to your elders, and be kind to your neighbors and orphans. These are basic principles of humanity. What’s new in there to learn?” asked Tania again.

“Yes, you are right. Every Muslim child gets affiliated with the Qur’an at a very…

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