The Prophet’s Mornings

Verse By Verse Qur'an Study Circle

In the Masjid

After the morning prayer, people in the mosque drew closer to Prophet Muhammad salAllahu `alayhi wa sallam, assembling around where he was seated. They watched him as the rising sun cast its light upon his face, which was clear and honest.

Abdullah ibn Salam, a Jewish convert to Islam and companion of the Prophet, once said,

“When I first looked upon his face, I knew that it was not the face of a liar.” [At-Tirmidhi]

Sometimes, the Prophet gave a small sermon in the morning. Al `irbad ibn Sariyah gives us an account of one of these sermons, “Allah’s Messenger preached to us one day after the morning prayer. It was an eloquent sermon which brought fear to our hearts and tears to our eyes. One of us said afterwards: ‘This sermon seems like a farewell, so what do you enjoin upon us?’ He said,

‘I enjoin…

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