Da‘wah (also transliterated daawa(h); Arabic: دعوة‎ “invitation”) means the proselytizing or preaching of Islam. Da‘wah literally means “issuing a summons” or “making an invitation”, being a gerund of a verb meaning variously “to summon” or “to invite”. A Muslim who practices da‘wah, either as a religious worker or in a volunteer community effort, is called a dā‘ī (داعي, plural du‘āh/du‘āt ).

A dā‘ī is thus a person who invites people to understand Islam through dialogue, not unlike the Islamic equivalent of a missionary inviting people to the faith, prayer and manner of Islamic life. [1]

In Surah Nuh, we see the character of Prophet Nuh alayhi salaam as a da’ee, who faced difficulties in spreading Islam.The Surah begins with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala telling us how Prophet Nuh [Noah]‘alayhi salaam began calling his people to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. His dawah methodology is gem for all. There are some lessons in the ayah 5- 9, that what should be the character of a da’ee and what attributes are required for this task:

Lessons for da’ee:

  • Relentlessly pursuing goals
  • Patience during this time
  • Consistency in efforts
  • Using all potential
  •  Never giving up
  •  Having firm connection with Allah
  • Using different techniques according to audience at different times
  • Having thick skin to ignore people’s rejection
  • Sincerely pray and guide them towards their own forgiveness and salvation.

Points of Action:

  • Utilize whatever resources to connect people with Allah.
  • Share the beauty of our deen with people of other faiths now when they’re willing to listen the most.
  • Not let shaytan sway us from our goal when faced with rejection.
  • Combine earnest dua at tahajjud time with dawah efforts.
  • Encourage people to repent no matter how big their sins are. Allah’s  forgiveness is huge. [2]
  • One who calls towards Allah swt does not get offended by negative reactions and comments of people. [2]

Written By Sr. Summaiya     [2] Contribution By Sr. Uzma Hussain

Compilation by Admin





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