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A person’s first stage of reckoning will be in the grave where he will be asked three questions. Allah will help reinforce the person’s answers based on his deeds in this world. Let’s begin with the details of first question, taught in this book by Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Rahimullah.

Sheikh Rahimullah’s saying “So if it said to you” meaning if you are asked about your Lord, this is a question which will occur, you will indeed ask in this life and Hereafter, so it is essential that you have knowledge of your Lord, the Majestic and you respond with the correct response and clear proof. So then say “My Lord is Allah” this is the answer, “the one who nurtured me and nurture the whole of the creation with His favour”. This is using an intellectual proof.

Ar-Rabthe Lord, the Majestic and Most High, is one who nurtures all of His servants with His favors and blessings. He creates them from nothing, in the wombs of their mother, in form of creation after another, within three depths of darkness. And He nourishes them with the provision in dark wombs. Then soul breath into the fetus so it moves and comes out to life, by the permission of Allah subhana’watalah. This process is nurturing in the womb and when it comes out, Allah the Perfect nurtures it with His favors like health and well-being, and He causes the milk of his mother to flow for it. So it nourishes until it can eat food and can survive without milk. Then, its intellect grows little by little, and its hearing and seeing improve, until it reaches puberty then it develops further until it reaches its full strength. He supports the creation the entire life with all their needs. Ar-Rabb also means that He blessed us with our physical bodies, our qualities, our desires, our thinking, our mind etc.

The entire universe is drowned in the blessings of Allah, from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet. When we say the entire Aalam (universe), it is everything other than Allah.

The ‘Aalam of the Jinn, the ‘Aalam of the Ins (humans), the ‘Aalam of the devils, the ‘Aalam of the oceans, the ‘Aalam of the birds, the ‘Aalam of the animals and others that we may know about and some that we do not know about. Aalam uniquely was a word called that because they are a sign. It comes from the word sign, like a flag.

A sign of the creation Allah on this earth. Just like your laptops are a sign that someone manufactured them, we are a sign (we are like a flag) that we are the creation of Allah, and proof that Allah is our Lord who exists. No one else has ability except Him, over granting provision, neither the idols nor anything else, rather it is one who is provided for, , it is being created like yourself.

Allah is the Only Lord to Worship:

It is testimony of faith, to accept that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. Rahimullah’s saying “He is the one whom i worship“: the Lord, the One who deserves worship from me and from other than me. Then Sheikh also draws attention to the fact that it is not enough to affirm Ruboobiyyah (Allah’s Lordship), it is not sufficient that you say, “My Lord is Allah who nurtured me with His favors” but you need to acknowledge His rights to all worship, and you must make all worship purely and sincerely for Him. And this is the difference between the person of tawheed and person of shirk. 

The person of shirk says” My Lord is Allah” but associates partners along with Him. He doesn’t solely worship Allah, but also include trees, rocks and beloved servants of Allah, righteous people and graves. So the affirmation of Lordship alone will not benefit him, and will not enter him in islam.

So his saying “And He is the One whom I worship” means the Diety whom I worship and his saying ” And there is no other whom I worship besides Him” neither from the Angels nor from the Messengers, or anyone else, I have nothing which i worship besides Him. He is the Perfect, the Most High. This is affirmation of Tawheed with the intellectual proof.

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