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These are proofs of Ruboobiyah (Lordship) and Illahiyah (Divinity and Right to Worship).

ومن اياته الليل والنهار والشمس والقمر لا تسجدوا للشمس ولا للقمر واسجدوا لله الذي خلقهن ان كنتم اياه تعبدون

And of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not prostrate to the sun or to the moon, but prostrate to Allah , who created them, if it should be Him that you worship.

اور رات اور دن اور سورج اور چاند اس کی نشانیوں میں سے ہیں۔ تم لوگ نہ تو سورج کو سجدہ کرو اور نہ چاند کو۔ بلکہ خدا ہی کو سجدہ کرو جس نے ان چیزوں کو پیدا کیا ہے اگر تم کو اس کی عبادت منظور ہے

(Surah Fussilat : 37)

It means that the day and the night are from the very clear signs and proofs of Allah, both in themselves and how they interchange. Also in the benefits which Allah has placed in them for the servants, and in their changing states. Likewise with regard to the sun and the moon which are signs both in themselves, and in the courses which they proceed upon. Also in their order and the benefit which they provide for the servants and the harm which that keeps away. Then Allah, the Most High, forbids the servants from prostrating to the sun or the moon, even though they are very great, yet they are not deserving of and do not have the right to be worshipped, since they are two created things, and the one Who is alone deserving and has the right to worship is Allah, the Most High, Who created them.

And from those things which He has created are the seven heavens. In Surah Talaq, it is said:

الله الذي خلق سبع سماوات ومن الارض مثلهن 

It is Allah who has created seven heavens and of the earth, the like of them.

خدا ہی تو ہے جس نے سات آسمان پیدا کئے اور ایسی ہی زمینیں۔

(Surah Talaq: 12)

Sheikh rahimullah is indicating to the Aayah:

ان ربكم الله الذي خلق السماوات والارض في ستة ايام ثم استوى على العرش يغشي الليل النهار يطلبه حثيثا والشمس والقمر والنجوم مسخرات بامره الا له الخلق والامر تبارك الله رب العالمين

“Your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then ascended upon the Throne. He causes the night to cover the day which it follows with haste; and the sun, the moon and stars are subservient and subject to His command. Certainly creation and commandment are His alone. Exalted is Allah the Lord of all creation.” 

کچھ شک نہیں کہ تمہارا پروردگار خدا ہی ہے جس نے آسمانوں اور زمین کو چھ دن میں پیدا کیا پھر عرش پر جا ٹھہرا۔ وہی رات کو دن کا لباس پہناتا ہے کہ وہ اس کے پیچھے دوڑتا چلا آتا ہے۔ اور اسی نے سورج اور چاند ستاروں کو پیدا کیا سب اس کے حکم کے مطابق کام میں لگے ہوئے ہیں۔ دیکھو سب مخلوق بھی اسی کی ہے اور حکم بھی (اسی کا ہے)۔ یہ خدا رب العالمین بڑی برکت والا ہے

(Surah al-A’raaf :54)

Meaning, from the proofs that Allah created the heavens and the earth is this Saying of Allah, the Most High which mentions the following signs of Allah:

(i) That Allah created these tremendous entities in six days, and if He wished He could have created them in a single moment, but instead from His wisdom He connected effects to their causes.

(ii) That He ascended upon the Throne, i.e. He ascended upon it in particular in a manner befitting His Majesty and Exaltedness, and this shows the perfection of His Kingship and Sovereignty.

(iii) That He causes the night to envelop and cover the day, so that it is like a garment which descends upon the light of day and covers it up.

(iv) That He has made the sun, the moon and the stars subservient to His command. He commands them as He wills for the benefit of the servants,

(v) That His Sovereignty comprehends everything and His Kingship is perfect, such that creation and commandment are for Him alone and for no one else,

(vi) That His Lordship comprehends all of creation.

So the Lord is the one who is worshipped, meaning that He is the One Who alone has the right to be worshipped, or that He is the One who is worshipped rightfully and deservedly, the meaning is not that everything which is worshipped is a Lord, since those gods which are worshipped besides Allah and which are taken as lords by those who worship them are not Lords. Rather the Lord (ar-Rabb)  is the creator, the sovereign, the one in control and command of all the affairs

 الذي جعل لكم الارض فراشا والسماء بناء وانزل من السماء ماء فاخرج به من الثمرات رزقا لكم فلا تجعلوا لله اندادا وانتم تعلمون- يا ايها الناس اعبدوا ربكم الذي خلقكم والذين من قبلكم لعلكم تتقون

O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous – [He] who made for you the earth a bed [spread out] and the sky a ceiling and sent down from the sky, rain and brought forth thereby fruits as provision for you. So do not attribute to Allah equals while you know [that there is nothing similar to Him].

لوگو! اپنے پروردگار کی عبات کرو جس نے تم کو اور تم سے پہلے لوگوں کو پیدا کیا تاکہ تم (اس کے عذاب سے) بچو . جس نے تمھارے لیے زمین کو بچھونا اور آسمان کو چھت بنایا اور آسمان سے مینہ برسا کر تمہارے کھانے کے لیے انواع و اقسام کے میوے پیدا کئے۔ پس کسی کو خدا کا ہمسر نہ بناؤ اور تم جانتے تو ہو

(Surah Al-Baqarah : 21-22)

Allah has made earth a resting place spread out for us, which we may use as such without any difficulty or hardship, just as a person sleeps upon his bed and the sky is a canopy for the people of the earth and it is a safe and protected ceiling, as Allah, the Most High, says:

“And We made the sky a raised ceiling, safe and guarded, yet the unbelievers turn away from considering the clear signs.”  (Surah al-Ambiyaa :32)

And He mentioned as:

“He sends down from above, from the clouds, pure water for you to drink, and which causes vegetation to grow which you allow your cattle to graze upon ” (Surah an-Nahl :10)

As a gift for you, and as stated in another Aayah,

“As provision for you and your cattle”  (Surah Abasa :32)

And do not set up rivals for the One Who created you, and created those before you, and made the earth a resting place for you and the sky a canopy, and sent down rain from the sky for you, and produced fruits and produce for you, so do not set up for Him rivals which you worship just as you worship Allah, or which you love just as you love Allah, since that is not fitting for you, neither according to sound intellect, nor according to Revelation. This address is to all people from the descendants of Adam: Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, commands them to worship Him alone, having no partner.

In addition you should attain taqwaa, and taqwaa  is to take protection from the punishment of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, by doing whatever He commands and keeping away from whatever He forbids.

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