Planning is a First Step to Build on….Let’s Plan for Ramadan

Ramadan is the name of a month in Islam.This month is known as one of most blessed month due to its special relation with the Divine Book of Allah swt, The Quran. It’s revelation was First introduced to Prophet Mohammad ﷺ in the Month of Ramadan۔ Later، its revelation continued for next 23 years.This month has special night which is better than the worship of 1000 months. If one encounters this blessed night and stands for worship during the night, get the opportunity of reward equivalent to 1000 month. Invocations have special importance in this blessed month more importantly at the time of breaking fast. If one attains Taqwa, obeys Commands of Allah swt and refrain from unlawful, insha’Allah they ll become source for acceptance of Duas.

Allah swt says in Quran,

And when ask you My servants about Me, then indeed I am near. I respond (to the) invocation (of) the supplicant when he calls Me. So let them respond to Me and let them believe in Me, so that they may (be) led aright.

(Surah Al-Baqarah: 186)

Ramadan is a wonderful opportunity to refresh our iman and to remove our impurities. In this time of year, we are blessed with pure quality time to look in our hearts, to see our mistakes and an opportunity to get rid of bad habits that are harming our affairs of this world and Hereafter.

Let’s make a planner to groom and organize ourselves in this month with intention to improve the quality of our Iman.With intention to enter in coming month with improved qualities and high status in Iman near Allah swt through purification, striving, internal training, invocations, and with lots Istighfar (seeking forgiveness of Allah swt for sins).

Why Planning is Important?

Planning is most important to have a clear framework and structure before working and to decide all required steps to be taken. It makes one organized and provides a timeline to start and complete the target properly.

Things to Remember before Planning for Ramadan, a self grooming project:

1- Set short/easy goals: It will make it easier to achieve your goals with less burden on mind and soul. Once you will achieve your short tasks, it will give you sense of achievement and will encourage you to proceed further.

2- Equilibrium: It is an important rule of Balance. Do not add too many things in your to do list from beginning of month. It will tire you by the last 10 special days of Ramadan when Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ would be most devoted for worship. Make sure, you’ll be fresh and ready for more in the end of Month.

3- Continuity & Firmness: It is most divine rule that we maintain consistency in our routine. Allah swt likes those deeds which are smaller but continuous. In your to do list, set some goals from start and make sure you remain consistent throughout.

Every Day Schedule/Day Planner:

  1. Divide your activities in half hour/ smaller chunks.
  2. Assign activity to yourself from each category such as Prayer, Invocations, hifz review, Juz recitation, preparing Sahoor, kids school getting ready time, Dawa Time, Time for your parents on phone, study time etc.
  3. Prioritize activities those are must to do while you can compromise others if some thing unusual comes up.In this way you’ll attain continuty on “Must to do goals’ and will remain patient on missed activity.

For a reference you can divide following activities as per our Ramadan Planner

Ibadah Improvement Self Grooming Improvement Dawa/Spreading Divine Message Project Cooking/Feeding a Source of Ibadah a way to enter In Paradise
First and main Goal Punctuality Sharing the Blessings Cooking/Feeding/ Serving is Ibadah:
Put most effort in Beautifying and Betterment of Ferd Prayers If you lack Punctuality; like can’t wake up on first alarm, delay prayers for making up wudu, or waste time doing other chores even on your way to prayer rug, spend extra time on phone, in cleaning/cooking or in just sitting, Now it’s time to divide each hour in useful little chunks for attaining continuity. Praying on Time is one of the Most Beloved deed near Allah swt Different ways of sharing are to: Renew your Intention,
1- Write a Letter to your Neighbour about importance of Ramadan. 1- Offering Food to hungry, is itself a Sadaqa. Each day when you’ll present food with love to your family, it will cheer your heart as well. According to meaning of an Hadith, to feed others is a way to enter in paradise.
2- Mention sharing my Iftar with you 2- You are cooking healthy nutritious food to actively perform in your Ibadah.
3- Take a Brown bag add some dates or any sweet you want to add 3- To share this food with others
 4- Wrap in an Envelope with some rose petals in it 4- Eating and enjoying good Healthy food, is also a way to be thankful for the blessings of Allah swt.
5- Add some Dawa Cards.  5- Balance is a Rule for success. Make sure not to spend a big portion of day only in cooking
Make an intention to share your Iftar with above package at least with one Neighbour/Muslim or Non Muslim. With the Help of Allah swt and one’s determination message can be delivered to 30 families in 30 days of Ramadan. May Allah swt help us to achieve our goals, Ameen.
New Adhkar and Dua Anger Management: Quantity doesn’t count: Instant receipe Plan:
Add one New Dua/adhkar in your prayers every day. If you feel you need to work on your temper control, look for strategies from sunnah and start applying, also make lots of Duas along with your effort to achieve this target.You will see improvemnt. Having big Iftar at your place can be time consuming in this precious month.Buy some dates boxes and deliever to your family Friends/Relatives with intention, if they break fast with these dates, reward for Iftar will instantly go in our Bank of deeds Inshah’Allah Find some healthy instant food recipes before Ramadan and remain prepared with ingredients.

1- Freeze chicken/Kabab/ pre-cut vegetables in small packets.

   2- Cut Fresh Fruits Daily

3- Avoid soda such as coke, sprite, etc.

4- Lemonade is good for digestion.

Add Sunnah Prayers: Talkative:   Time for Iftar:
If you pray Ferd only, add sunnah from now on with intention to continue later after Ramadan as well. We all need to watch our words as are being written.To speak good and beneficial is better then lots of Gossips/lyin/backbiting/etc Do not spend too much time in Iftar. It is better to break the fast by eating dates or drinking water first; then, the evening prayer (maghrib) is performed. It is also appropriate to eat the dinner quickly and then perform the evening prayer.
*start working on this with asking aid from Allah swt to attain persistence to talk useful.
Add Nafil Prayers: Spending on unnecessary stuff:   Water intake:
If you pray ferd and sunnah, add obligatory prayer Nafil in your ibadah with intention to continue after Ramadan Spending extravagant is that effects the strength of our Iman and weakens our relationship with Allah swt Do not drink too much water at once or too fast, after iftar drink here and there in short intervals to avoid dehydration. Water Deficiency will make you tired and less active.
 *Avoid buying extra that has no benefit or use
Addition in Nafils: Breaking bad habits:   Eat in Balance:
If you already have continuity on Ferd/sunnah/Nafil add 2 Nafil for Wudu before any one or Two prayers such as before Asr and Maghrib for this Year. Figure out one of your bad habit first, and activate conscious thinking of your brain because it is important stage, initially it ll be battle between the strength of your conscious mind and programmed behaviors in your subconscious control. And with the blessings of Ramadan, you’ll insha’Allah attain grip on it later. Do not fill your stomach as you need to stand for (Taraweeh) Night prayer.



Written by Bint e Abdul Waheed 


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