Khadija Bint Khuwalid The Mother of Believers

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In the Name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, All- Merciful

Khadija bint Khuwalid(RA) is the name of Noble Lady who is famous for intelligence, wealth, humbleness, and for her love and devotion to her Husband Prophet Mohammadﷺ She stands on the highest place when it comes to the Foundation of Islam. Khadija Bint Khuwalid was the greatest Support, being a First Person and First women to accept Islam. She was also the First wife of Prophet Mohammadﷺ who gained an honorable Title of Umm-Al-Momineen (The Mother of Believers)She stands as a Role Model for Women in this age and Time due to her well-organized, educated, and simple personality, elegance, confidence were her trademarks. She was strong enough to support her family economically, emotionally and being a housewife, she took good care of her Husband and Children.

Khadija bint Khuwalid was also famous as Ammerat­-Quraysh (the Princess of Quraysh) and Khadija Al­-Kubra (Khadija “The Great) due to her prodigious success in business and generous attitude towards needy and poor in Makkah. She was also renowned as Al­-Tahira (the Pure One) due to her Noble and Modest Personality.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  entitled Khadija bint Khuwalid R.A by saying

“Maryam the Daughter of Imran, was the best among the women (of the world of her time) and Khadija is the best among the women of (this nation).”

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 58­ Hadith 164) 

Her Family:

Khadija Bint Khuwalid RA was born in Makkah. Her Mother name was Fatima Bint Zayd and her Father was Khuwalid bin Asad. He was a famous leader among the tribes of Quraysh and a successful Businessman.

Khadija Bint Khuwalid married Abu Hala Malak and had two Sons Halah and Hind. After her first Husband died, She married Atique bin Aith and had a daughter Hindah. Her second Husband also died shortly after. She then started focusing towards raising her children and nourishing her business in Makkah which embarked on the highest scale due to her hard work , intelligence and wisdom blessed from Allah SWT.

Khadija Bint Khuwalid as a successful Business Woman:

She was a role model for women in the Desert of Arabia where there was no educational institute for business and accounting to perform well in the Field of Merchandise.

In Arabia, women had no social status and were treated as a minority and slaves. At a time when people buried their infant daughters, her parents gave her confidence to build her character and encouraged her skills so that she inherited her Father’s Business. Eventually, managed it to grow and attained prominence in Makkah using some wise techniques of business.

This wise lady employed trade agents to travel with her caravans and trade on her behalf. These agents received commissions as per their sales upon their return from trips.

It is said that when Banu Quraysh’s trade caravans gathered to embark on their lengthy journey either to Syria during the Summer or Yamen in the winter, Khadija’s Caravan equaled the Caravans of all Quraish put together.

Her wise and pure-mannered personality attracted Noble rich of society to propose her for marriage. But it seemed that her previous marriage experiences made her refuse to agree to any of the proposals. Her pre-occupation with her business and other obligations might also have been another reason for her refusal of these proposals. She remained unmarried until she got older and approached the age of forty.

The popularity of the name of the Trustworthy (Mohammad) ﷺ who was a model of good conduct reached her. Khadija Bint Khuwalid had keen observational skills in choosing wise and intelligent employee for her business. She decided to hire Prophet Mohammad ﷺ as a trade agent for her next Business trip to Syria.

What she heard from her servant, Maysarah regarding Mohammad’s excellent manners in buying and selling and how he made big profits, created in her a great interest in him. This led her to send someone to him to indirectly express her interest in marrying him.

Marriage with Prophet ﷺ :

The marriage took place between her and Muhammad ﷺ and both were delighted because of the same conducts they shared and their hearts also shared the same feeling. Their marriage is enough to break stereotypes about Islam, it might intrigue you to know that she was 40 years old when she married Prophet ﷺ who was just 25.

If we look with Khadijah’s (may Allah be pleased with her) perspective, it is clear that she preferred uprightness and noble integrity to the wealth. It enlightens Khadija’s insight that Allah SWT had blessed her for all affairs.

As A Wife:

“Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for them.”

(Surah Baqarah:187)

In Arab culture, taking multiple wives was a common practice, yet Khadija and Mohammad’s ﷺ marriage was monogamous until her death 25 years later. Mohammad’s prophethood began during his marriage to Khadija, when he received the first of Allah’s revelations through the Angel Gabriel that left him frightened, strained and feeling alone when no one believed in him. Khadija comforted her husband and encouraged him during the most difficult days of his life. Her kind words acted like a soothing rain on Prophet’s ﷺ heart which made him relaxed and calm. She said ,

“Never! By God, God will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your relatives, help the poor, serve your guests generously, and assist those hit with calamities.”

(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

She was an intelligent lady. She recognized her Husband was not an ordinary man, he possesses some special characteristics. Since he does not harm others and instead keeps a soft heart for Humanity. Allah will suffice him. She had an unforgettable place in Prophet’s life even after her death. She had very soft and loving heart for her Husband.

 Aisha (RA) reported that once she hurt Prophet’s feelings on this issue but He ﷺ replied:

” Allah (SWT) has blessed me with her (Khadijah (RA)) love”.

As A Mother:

Khadijah RA bore him 6 children. She had two sons Al-­Qasim and Abdullah. Both died in infant age. Later they were blessed with four Daughters successively Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Umm­e­ Kulthoom and Fatima (may Allah SWT Pleased with them all). In everyday life, parents commonly put their efforts to raise children to attain worldly rewards.Khadija Bint Khuwalid raised her daughters in such manners as they ranked among the best women. In an hadith , Prophet Mohammad mentioned the rank of Fatima (RA) among ladies with the highest status than others dues to their piety and  modesty.These are historical words about Khadija Bint Khuwalid and her daughter Fatima (RA), Prophet Mohammad ﷺ once said,

“The best women of Paradise are Khadija bint Khuwalid, Fatima bint Mohammad, Aasiya bint Mazzahim (the wife of Pharoah), and Maryam bint Imran.”

(Sahih by Al-Tirmidhi, 3878)

Best Supporter in the time of trial:

During harsh times, Khadijah remained a loyal and patient companion and wife, often giving Mohammad ﷺ wise and compassionate counsel, which reinforced him emotionally. Her support would constantly strengthen him in his mission to spread the Message.
For three years the small Muslim community lived in exile, cut off from their kith and kin and enduring a life of hardship and deprivation. However, although they suffered from hunger and thirst, and from exposure to the elements, this was a time in which the hearts of the first Muslims were both purified and also filled with the light of knowledge and wisdom. The Muslims knew that they were following the truth, and so nothing else mattered. Sadly, these long and difficult months left Khadijah physically weakened.
Finally, the boycott was lifted and the Muslims were allowed to re-enter the city; but the three years of hardship had taken their toll on her health. She spent her last days in the loving care of her husband and daughters. Here was one of the wealthiest women in the Arabian Peninsula, who had spent all she had of her material wealth in the path of Allah that she did not even have a piece of bread in her house when she died.

In some narrations, it was said that in the final moments of her life, angel Jibreel AS descended, giving her (through the Messenger ﷺ) greetings from Allah Himself, with the glad tidings of her palace in Jannah.

Why was she so exalted and elevated in the eyes of Allah SWT?

Let us pause and take a look at our lives today. The husband and wife keep careful count of their spending, and very few women would willingly give up their wealth in supporting their husbands’ noble causes. How many women would be willing to sacrifice personal luxuries for a higher cause?

Khadijah went further than sacrificing her material comforts; she gave all that she had in the path of Allah. Instead of complaining about the hardship of her situation, she supported her husband. She did not demand gifts, vacations, or even attention; for she knew that she had a higher cause than to indulge in the mere trivialities of the world. She put the needs of her husband above her personal needs for the sake of Allah, and as a result, the Prophet’s ﷺ love and admiration for her overshadowed those that he bore for the wives that he married after her death. He loved no one more than Khadija during his lifetime. A true friend is one who stands with one in the times of turmoil and afflictions. Khadija RA was there with him in these times with full eagerness and love. Theirs was a true love story.

On one occasion Aisha (RA) asked him ﷺ if she had been the only woman worthy of his love and the Prophet ﷺ replied:

“She believed in me when no body else did, she embraced Islam when people disbelieved me and she helped and comforted me when there was none to lend me a helping hand”.

We wish for the glory of having her as our companion in Jannah, but how many of us have the sincerity to emulate her exemplary behavior and sacrifice even a fraction of what she did for Islam, financially, physically and emotionally?

Khadija RA continues to inspire people to this day who admire her for taking great care of the Prophet of Islam and for showing the world, through her behavior, what a pious, modest and courageous woman can accomplish. The example she left for mankind remains timeless.

May Allah SWT shower His blessings on her and grant us courage and Faith to follow her footsteps. Ameen

Compiled by Bint e Abdul Waheed 


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