How to Cure Illness in Masnoon Ways and Shirk of Taweez, Amulets, Charms

Imran ibn Busayn reported,
When the Prophet ﷺ saw a brass bangle on a man’s upperarm, he said to him: ‘Woe be on you! What is this?’ The man replied that it was to protect him from a sickness called al-Wahinah (weakness) The Prophet then said, ‘Cast it off, for verily it would only increase your weakness. And if you died with it on, you would never succeed.’ “(Collected by Ibn Majah, Ahmed and Ibn Hibban)
Thus, the wearing of copper, brass or iron bracelets, bangles, and rings by the sick or the healthy in the belief that they will avert or cure sicknesses is strictly forbidden. Such practices also fall under the prohibition against the treatment of sickness with haram (forbidden) cures about which the Prophet ﷺ had said,
“Treat each other’s sicknesses, but do not treat sicknesses with forbidden things. “
(Collected by Abu Dawood (Sunnan Abu Dawud, English translation vol 3. p. 1087 # 3865) and al-Bayhaqee
The Prophet ﷺ emphasized the seriousness of wearing amulets (taweez) by evoking Allah ‘s curse on those who do so.
‘Uqbah ibn ‘Amir reported that the Prophet ﷺ once said,
” May Allah cause failure and unrest to whoever wears a talisman or puts it on others. “
(Collected by Amad and al-Hakim)
It would be sufficient to say words that Prophet used to during the sickness.
“Idhhabil-ba ‘s Rabban-niis wa ‘shfi, a ‘nt ash-shaf ee, la shifa ‘a ilia shifa ‘uk, shifa ‘an la yughadiruhu saqama.
Meaning: “Remove the suffering, O’ Lord of mankind , and heal it perfectly, as You are the true healer. There is no cure except Your cure, a cure which is not followed by sickness! “
(Collected by Ibn Abee Haatim)

Extracted from the book THE FUNDAMENTALS OF TAWHEED by Dr Bilal Philips

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