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It is clear from topics and style of Surah Al-hijr that the period of its revelation is about the same as that of Surah Ibrahim, for two things are quite prominent in its background. First, it appears from the repeated warnings in this Surah that in spite of the fact that the Holy Prophet ﷺ had been propagating the Message for many years, his people in general had not shown any inclination towards its acceptance, they had become more and more obdurate and stubborn in their antagonism, enmity and ridicule with the passage of time. Secondly, by that time the Holy Prophet ﷺ had begun to feel a little tired of making strenuous efforts to eradicate disbelief and opposition of his people. That is why, Allah has consoled and comforted him over and over again by way of encouragement. Also, this surah has brief arguments on Tauhid on one hand, and admonition in the story of Adam and Satan (shatan) on the other hand.

Surah Al Hijr  1- 99

  • [15:2-3] Don’t be too caught up in the life of this world and forget your purpose. Don’t be of those who regret on the day of Qiymah and wish that they had submitted.
  • [15:6] Don’t be sad when people insult you or make fun of you for sticking to the Quran and its rulings. Know that the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was called a Majnoon (madman) but he continued his mission and Allah granted him success and honor.
  • [15:9] Alah has promised that the Qur’an will be preserved and guarded without any change till the Last Hour. Be of those who ‘guard’ (hifdh) the Quran, even if you only memorize one ayah a day; good deeds are those who are consistent!
  • [15:16] Stars have been created to beautify the skies not to inform you of your future. Stay away from asking about zodiac signs, knowing horoscopes, reading or believing in them.
  • [15:19-20] Reflect over the earth on which ou stay. How amazing that it carries millions of other creatures like you and serves you without shaking.
  • [15:21] There is nothing which is not in the treasures of Allah. So why the disappointments? Why the hasad/envy? If someone else gets blessed with some blessing you also want then do not despair do not feel jealous…That specific thing is not over…the depositories of it are with Allah…there’s no limit to His treasures. If shaytan whispers then reflect on this ayah and Ask/Beg/Implore Allah sincerely for what you want. And whatever He sends or gives…it’s according to a certain measure  بِقَدَرٍ مَعْلُومٍ that which He knows is BEST for you. And if He doesn’t give then still don’t be sad or  depressed because it is KHAIR for you according to ALLAH’S knowledge and wisdom.
  • [15:22] When the wind blows, say the sunnah supplication:

Allaahumma innee as’aluka khayrahaa, wa a’oodhu bika min sharrihaa

“O Allah, I askYou for the good of it and seek refuge in You against its evil”.

  • [15:26] Know your origin. Man was made out of clay from an altered black mud. You came from down there and go back down there after death, Then why the arrogance?
  • [15:34] Being arrogant towards even one command of Allah can prevent you from going to Paradise; think twice before you decide to do whatever you feel like doing instead of what Allah asks you to do.
  • [15:39] Disobedience is made attractive by Shaytan to mislead you from the path leading to Jannah.
  • [15:40-42] There are basically two groups:
    • The Mukhlaseen (sincere chosen servants of Allah) who stick to the straight path, don’t give in to the whispers of shaytan and eventually enter Jannah.
    • The Ghaween (the deviators) who easily give in to the whispers of shaytan, deviate from the straight path and follow him to Hell.

May Allah include us in the Mukhlaseen and not Ghaween, Aameen.

  • [15:44]  Hell has seven gates; a portion of criminals designated for every gate. May Allah protect us from Hell.
  • [15:47] One of the beautiful things in the people going to Jannah is that their hearts will be pure. Allah will remove whatever is within their breasts of resentment or hate for each other. And this is mentioned in two places in the Qur’an, Surah Al A’raf 43 and Surah Al Hijr 47.
  • [15:48] Whenever you feel exhausted by your daily tasks, think of Paradise where you will never ever be tired again insha’Allah.
  • [15:49] Allah is Al-Ghafoor and Ar-Raheem, forgives sins and has mercy but He is also the one who punishes. So one should not become relaxed and ignorant he hears about His mercy neither should he lose all hope when he hears of His punishment, Rather there should be a balance of hope and fear together to stay firm on the straight path.
  • [15:68] Honouring your guests, giving them of the best you have is an act of ‘ibaadah.
  • [15:61-75] The actions of the people of Lut (‘alayhissalam) were forbidden by Allah, declared a major sin. Allah sends His curse and punishment on people who do this. Homosexuality is haraam! And we know from the verses of the Qur’an that those who support it (wife of Prophet Lut) will be with those who will be punished for doing this haraam act. Beware!
  • [15:85] Learn to forgive people and forget their wrongdoing.
  • [15:87] Study Surah Al Fatihah, as in its seven ayaat lie immense benefits. Make learning how to pronounce Surah Al Fatihah correctly a priority, learn the translation, know that Allah answers you when you read its ayaat in salah and learn about its benefits from the sunnah.
  • [15:87-88] Allah has given you the Qur’an as a gift…which is the best blessing one could ever get so don’t be distracted by what the materialistic people do or say.
  • [15:95] Whenever people mock you, know that Allah will be sufficient for you against them; just stick to His way, keep your dignity and don’t lower yourself to their level. Your ‘izzah (honour) is with Allah.
  • [15:98-99] When you feel tired, scared and sick of people’s resentment and complains…start the tasbeeh, hamd and dhikr of Allah…and pray 2 rakat and seek help of Allah in Sujood! (super peaceful feeling).

If you desire to be in Jannah then be firm on the straight path, continue with good deeds and worshipping Allah so much so that death comes to you while you are in this state! Insha’Allah.

Make dua’ that your last deed will be your best deed, Ameen.
English Compilation: Sr. Mariam Anwer (Quest for Paradise)