How to Cure Illness in Masnoon Ways and Shirk of Taweez, Amulets, Charms

Imran ibn Busayn reported,
When the Prophet ﷺ saw a brass bangle on a man’s upperarm, he said to him: ‘Woe be on you! What is this?’ The man replied that it was to protect him from a sickness called al-Wahinah (weakness) The Prophet then said, ‘Cast it off, for verily it would only increase your weakness. And if you died with it on, you would never succeed.’ “(Collected by Ibn Majah, Ahmed and Ibn Hibban)
Thus, the wearing of copper, brass or iron bracelets, bangles, and rings by the sick or the healthy in the belief that they will avert or cure sicknesses is strictly forbidden. Such practices also fall under the prohibition against the treatment of sickness with haram (forbidden) cures about which the Prophet ﷺ had said,
“Treat each other’s sicknesses, but do not treat sicknesses with forbidden things. “
(Collected by Abu Dawood (Sunnan Abu Dawud, English translation vol 3. p. 1087 # 3865) and al-Bayhaqee
The Prophet ﷺ emphasized the seriousness of wearing amulets (taweez) by evoking Allah ‘s curse on those who do so.
‘Uqbah ibn ‘Amir reported that the Prophet ﷺ once said,
” May Allah cause failure and unrest to whoever wears a talisman or puts it on others. “
(Collected by Amad and al-Hakim)
It would be sufficient to say words that Prophet used to during the sickness.
“Idhhabil-ba ‘s Rabban-niis wa ‘shfi, a ‘nt ash-shaf ee, la shifa ‘a ilia shifa ‘uk, shifa ‘an la yughadiruhu saqama.
Meaning: “Remove the suffering, O’ Lord of mankind , and heal it perfectly, as You are the true healer. There is no cure except Your cure, a cure which is not followed by sickness! “
(Collected by Ibn Abee Haatim)

Extracted from the book THE FUNDAMENTALS OF TAWHEED by Dr Bilal Philips

Dua To Allah 

Beautiful Poem!


Ya Allah, make me an ambassador of Thy PEACE,
That where there is hatred,

I may bring Thy LOVE;
That where there is error,

I may bring Thy TRUTH;
That where there is doubt,

I may bring Thy FAITH;
That where there is despair,

I may bring Thy HOPE;
That where there are shadows,

I may bring Thy LIGHT;
That where there is sadness,

I may bring Thy JOY.


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There are Duas in Quran and Hadith that one can make in the days and nights of Ramadan and Laila-tul-Qadr. However, these Du’as are not restricted to be made only in Ramadan. As always, one can make Dua at anytime of the year.

For your convenience, here i have few examples of personal, relevant Duas you can make in these remaining days of Ramadan, Insha Allah. It would be ideal to print this list (or have it on your phone) and keep it handy. Likewise, please add to your list anything else that you would like, especially that which your heart desires.

Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem, Ya Rabb al Alameen.

1. Oh Allah, please forgive me for all of the bad that I’ve done, and I continue to do. You are so Merciful and kind, please forgive me, and help me stay away from all that’s wrong.Ya Afu, Forgive the sins that I don’t remember and the sins that I didn’t even consider as sins. It’s so hard for me, and I’m so weak but You are the Strong. Please increase me in sincerity.

2. Oh Allah, I beg You, please guide my parents and siblings toward You. Do not let them die without realizing who their Lord is. Let them see the truth and help them resist the pressure of friends who try to turn them away from You. Ya Allah, you are Al Ghaffaar. Forgive them, and grant them good health. Ya Rahman, me a sadaqa jariyah for my parents. Ya Allah Reward them in the greatest measures in this dunya & akhirah. Ya Allah Elevate their ranks and grant them Jannah al Firdaus.Ya Allah Make me coolness of their eyes in their old age.

3. Oh Allah, please guide my neighbors, towards You. Please guide them to the right path.

4. Oh Allah, make every single aspect of my life be for You and in service of Your Creation. Please remove all false intentions that I have. Ya Allah Remove the love of this world in its degrees & forms from my heart.

5. Ya Wahab, Grant me death with the shahadah on my tongue. Expand my grave for me and illuminate it with light. Preserve my record in Illiyeen and Lighten for me the questioning of the grave, Ya Kareem, Grant me death in a state of Ibadah, resurrect me in the same state and my Rabb, please keep me free from fear, anxiety and terror of the Day of Judgment.

6. Oh Allah, Grant my book in my right hand, make me among those who show their books to others with happiness. Make me successful in the Meezan.

7. Ya Allah, let me love You as You deserved to be loved, and let me fear You as You deserve to be feared, and let me leave this world serving Your creation for Your sake.

8. Oh Allah, increase me in beneficial knowledge, but let this knowledge be with sincerity, not seeking fame, glory, status, material wealth. Let this knowledge serve Your cause in a way that You accept, and let it benefit humanity. Oh Allah, guide me to seek this blessed Deen (religion) from those who are sincere, who possess the correct Islamic knowledge, who are moderate and gentle, who are not harsh or impatient with me, and who understand where I’m coming from, my situation as a Muslim in this country, living in this world today.

9. Oh Allah, bless our scholars and leaders who are striving to establish Islam in this world on the balanced path of Your beloved Prophet. O Allah, bless all of those who have taught me about You and Islam.

10. Oh Allah, give me the ability to forgive all those who have hurt me in word and deed and please Oh Allah, join our hearts.

11. Oh Allah, please guide my children and all children. Protect them my Lord from all of the evil influences that are around them. Give them friends who will strengthen their faith and help them stay on the Straight Path. Ya Allah Save our children from the impact of our mistakes in their lives. Ya Allah, assist us with physical & emotional strength to be a good parents & example to our children. Ya Allah Make our children the coolness of our eyes and make them sawaab-e-jaariya for me & my spouse.

12. Ya Allah Protect our children from harm, sicknesses, disbelief, haraam and destruction. Ya Rabb, Grant our children success in Deen, duniya & Aakhirah & grant us a lineage of righteous offspring until Yawm al Qiyaamah. Ya Allah Make them of those who establish Salah and prostrate only to you.

13. Ya Allah Make our children workers for Your Deen, hafidhul Quran, da’ees, imaams, scholars and shaheeds.

14. Oh Allah, please grant my family/friends who are waiting for the gift of “children”.. Please grant them Saleh children who will grow up to be a source of Mercy for them.

15. Oh Allah, please help me stay away from Haram in achieving the best of this world.

16. Oh Allah, guide and protect our teenagers who need Your Help and Guidance from all of the temptations of sex, drugs, alcohol and all of the other Harams in our society.
17. Ya Allah Give me the strength to be steadfast throughout the trials I encounter. Oh Allah, don’t let me ever turn away from You, no matter how many trials and difficulties You test me with.

18. Ya Allah Protect my family from evil, calamities, enviers & the shayaateen from man & jinn. Ya Allah Reward my spouse Your best reward for her/his striving for my family. Ya Allah save me & my entire family from the Hellfire & make us enter Jannah al Firdaus Aa’laa without being accounted.

19. Ya Allah Shield, increase & protect the love/mercy/barakah between me & my spouse for as long as we live. Bind us together with love. Do not let shaytan break our bond.

20. Ya Allah Forgive the sins of those who have passed away in my family & the Ummah – young & old.

21. Ya Allah Unite the hearts of those undergoing family/marital difficulties.

22. Ya Allah Guide me towards performing good accepted deeds for Your Sake only. And Help me to attain khushu’ & ikhlaas in my ibaadah.

23. Ya Allah Help me get closer to you as my end draws near. Ya Allah Make me love You, Your Prophet (pbuh), Your Deen, Your Quran the way it deserves to be loved. Ya allah Increase my iman, tawakkul, yaqeen in You. O Allah Increase me in Taqwa, Make me of shakiroon (grateful slaves) and Oolil Albaab (People of sound understanding).

24. Ya Allah Grant me a soft heart & content with Your Laws. Ya Allah Make the Quran be my companion in both worlds.Ya Allah Guide me to the siraat mustaqeem until my last breath, never be deviated in shirk, kufr or bid’ah. Ya Qaadiru, Make me among the muhsineen, muttaqeen, mukhliseen, the sabiqoon fil ilm.

25. Ya Allah Favour me with the ability to do tazkiyah of my soul throughout my life journey.

26. Oh Allah, please get my (father/brother/husband/ name of any person) out of this horrible debt that is burdening him. Please give him means that are to get out of this as soon as possible, so that we can face You on the Day of Judgment free of all debts.
27. Oh Allah, open a way for brothers/sisters to marry as soon as possible. Let them marry who is sincere and devoted to You and who is compatible with them.

28. Oh Allah, cleanse my heart of the sicknesses of arrogance, malice, jealousy, hatred, self-admiration, show off, envy and pride and let me die as one of the sincere, humble Muslims.

29. Oh Allah, open a way for me to make Hajj and umrah with my family again and again.

30. Oh Allah, all of my brothers and sisters who are suffering for Your sake through torture, violence, in jails, etc., around the world please forgive their sins and grant them Paradise. Oh Allah, help orphans and poor wherever they are and Forgive the Muslim ummah -the living and the dead. Bless the Muslims. Grant victory to the oppressed. Fill their hearts with Eman. Ya Qawiu, Ya Azizo, Bring the downfall of those (modern day pharaohs) oppressors & Relieve those who are deprived, burdened, oppressed, in debt. Ya Allah Protect my brothers & sisters across the warzones & from the persecution, rape, slaughter, humiliation.

31. Oh Allah, bless whole Muslim Ummah with tranquility and love, and end their hardships specially muslims from Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Srilanka .. (the list is endless).

32.Oh Allah, please help brothers give up smoking this year but only You can make it easy.

33. Ya Waliu, be the Helper of Single mothers and Widows.

34. Oh Allah, protect us against fitna of grave, Dajjal, Yujuj & Majuj, the last Day and Hell fire.

35. Ya Rahmanu, Expand my grave and illuminate it with light and Ya Allah Make my grave & barzakh a peaceful, cool abode.

36. Ya Allah Grant me the Shade of your Arsh on Yawmul Qiyaamah. Ya Allah Give me my record of deeds in my right hand and make my mizaan (scale) heavy with the good deeds.

37. Oh Allah, make us amongst the Sabiqoon as mentioned in Surah Al Waqiyah also make us worthy so we will drink water from the fountain of Al Kauthar from Prophet’s ﷺ hands on Day of Judgment.

38. Ya Allah Ease my crossing of the Siraat & Qantarah (bridges before Paradise) with the speed of light and more.

39. Oh Allah, lift the veils from the eyes of those who have been deceived into seeing Islam as something bad because of ignorance and media stereotypes.

40. Oh Allah, bring all humans closer to You and each other. Please do not make us Muslims a test for them with our misrepresentation of Islam because of our bad behavior. Oh Allah, save humanity from being its own enemy. Protect Your creation from oppression.

41. Ya Aleemo, Help me understand, write and speak Arabic

42. O Allah, Help me maintain good ties with my relatives

43. Ya Ghaffaro, Help me see my faults and cover it from others

44. Ya Raz’zaqo, Bestow me with wealth to spend in your way

45. Oh Allah, help me stop my bad habits of eating and talking too much. Grant me soft speech, protect my tongue from lying, backbiting, hurting others.

46. Ya Allah, Do not let others humiliate/oppress/mock/take advantage of me

47. O Allah, Help me be courageous and take correct decisions. Grant me correct Aqeedah, excellent memory and understanding of the deen with daleel

48. Grant me modesty in clothing and speech in front of non Mahrams.

49. Oh Allah help me leave behind a legacy with humility.

50. Ya Shaafio, Grant your perfect cure to those who are sick and give them beautiful Patience.

Ya Allah, O my Allah, Ya Rehman, Ya Rahim, Ya Kareem, Ya Sattar, Ya Ghaffar, Ya Qadir, Ya Sami, Ya Aleem, Ya Zuljalaali Wal ikraam be rahmatika astaghees.

Ya Allah I turn to you in repentance, in submission. I beg you plz fulfill my duas. Ya allah Forgive my sins, a complete forgiveness that leaves no trace. Ya allah Forgive my transgressions of Your Commands & the violations of the rights of people. Ya allah Grant me victory over my shortcomings, Reform and upgrade me Ya Kareem. O Allah, accept my duaas, ibaadah & deeds. Ameen Ya Rabul Ala’meen



⚜💖✨Dua- Rabbana Aamanna Bima Anzalta✨💖⚜

رَبَّنَا آمَنَّا بِمَا أَنْزَلْتَ وَاتَّبَعْنَا الرَّسُولَ فَاكْتُبْنَا مَعَ الشَّاهِدِينَ

✨Our Lord, we have believed in what You revealed and have followed the messenger Jesus, so register us among the witnesses [to truth].”✨

(Surah Ale-Imran : 53)

💕This dua was made by the hawariyyun (disciples) of Isa AS. They believed in him, the message that he bought and supported him in his cause and made dua to be among the witnesses.

💕The witnesses refers to the sahaba, the companions of the Prophet ﷺ. They too believed in the Prophet ﷺ and helped spread the message of Islam. So the dua of the hawariyyun  was to be registered with the sahaba. They longed to be part of good company.

💕Good friends, company of the Sawliheen is amongst the greatest blessing of Allah SWT. It is impossible for a person to walk the path of obedience alone. Good company and team work makes a person more productive and achieve results that are impossible to achieve alone.

💕Good company comprises of those that love each other for the sake of Allah.

✨Allah the Exalted said:

“My love is obligatory for those who love each other for my sake, who sit together for my sake, who visit each other for my sake, and who spend on each other for my sake.”

(Source: Musnad Ahmad 21525, Grade: Sahih)

May Allah SWT bless us with good company and register us amongst the witnesses.

⚜💓✨آمین يا رب العالمين✨💓⚜


Dua  – Rabbana Zalamna Anfusana Surah Al-Araf Ayah 23

When Adam AS and Hawwa AS fell into the evil whisperings and false promises of Shaitaan and ate from the forbidden tree, they made this dua.
Deeply remorseful, they said,
 “Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers.”
(Surah Al-A’raf 7:23)
Iblees disobeyed Allah willfully with full understanding of the consequences and also blamed Allah  SWT for his mistake. Adam AS and Hawwa AS did so through simple forgetfulness and heedlessness and were intensely sorry, humbly repenting and beseeching Allah for forgiveness. They were hopeful of the Mercy of Allah SWT.
“Then Adam received from his Lord [some] words, and He accepted his repentance. Indeed, it is He who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.
( Surah Al-Baqarah 2:37)
Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, turned to Adam AS and accepted Adam’s AS repentance.

Lessons Learned from the dua:

⚜ Be aware of the evil whisperings of Shaitaan. 
⚜ Do not sin willfully. 
⚜ Turn to Allah if you have sinned.
⚜ Make Sincere Tawbah.
⚜ Do not despair of the Mercy of Allah. 
⚜ Do not be judgemental about others. They might have made sincere Tawbah and were forgiven by Allah. 
 May Allah SWT save us from the tactics of Shaitaan and bless us the taufeeq to do Sincere Tawbah.
⚜🌸✨آمین يا رب العالمين✨🌸⚜


Dua- Allahumma Maalikal Mulk

🌹Prophet ﷺ taught this dua to Muadh bin Jabl and asked him to recite it. He SAW said regarding this dua that if someone has a debt equal to mountain of Uhud, Allah SWT will create the means for it to be repaid.

🌹Allah is the Maalik-al Mulk, the Lord of all dominion, the Possessor of powers and all Sovereignty belongs to Him. He is the Owner of everything.

🌹Whomever He likes, He gives dominion to him and whomsoever He likes, He takes away dominion from him. He is Lord of all Honour. Honour belongs to Him alone. He honours whomsoever He likes and He abases whomsoever He likes.

🌹As Allah is the Lord of all Power, it follows that man should consider all power a trust from Allah, and should use that power according to the directions given by Him.

🌹Honour, privilege, status and leadership in the world have to be earned through devotion and hard work. Leadership is an ‘amanah’, Trust, from Allah. If a person or a group entrusted with authority tampers with this Trust, then Allah snatches leadership and gives to those who are better and more deserving.

🌹In Allah’s Hand is all goodness. One of the meanings of ‘biyadikal khayr’ is that goodness is only in the Hands of Allah and the other meaning is that there is nothing but goodness in Allah’s hand and that He is the Source of all goodness and blessings.

🌹 Day and Night are in Allah’s control, so are the seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter.

🌹 Allah brings out the seed from the plant and the plant from the seed; the date from its seed and the date’s seed from the date.

🌹Allah gives whomever He wills innumerable amounts of wealth while depriving others from it, out of wisdom and justice. He is the Lord of abundant measure.

O Allah , Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent. You cause the night to enter the day, and You cause the day to enter the night; and You bring the living out of the dead, and You bring the dead out of the living. And You give provision to whom You will without account.”

🍃🌹آمین يا رب العالمين 🌹🍃

Shared By Sr. Shazia Nawaz


It seems mysterious how our brain works – and how we perform, act, and interact as a result. The brain’s exact storage capacity for memories is difficult to calculate.

Things we have seen, heard around us not necessarily practically said, get saved in our brain’s disc. They remain there, though new learning, new words might push them back. Whenever it learns something new, brain quickly starts reading its disc and brings out that old memory which matches with the new one. For example, when we say some words such as apple, stick, grass …etc., these words come out of our mouth instantly, gives the glimpse of any past or recent memory.

Similarly, some incidents remind us of some other related occurrences. If our mind is filled with informative, positive, beneficial stuff, each flash of memory will be a good refreshment and source of support for us in present. On other hand, if our brain disc is filled with useless, unhealthy, meaningless junk, the results will be negative and it will leave unpleasant effects on body too.  The way our brain acts, it seems, is sensitive to the way we, their owners, think and get influence from our surroundings. Certain memories involve more details and thus take up more space; other memories are forgotten and thus free up space. Additionally, some information is just not worth remembering in the first place.

This is good news because our brain can keep up as we seek new experiences over our lifetime. But it is more important to nourish it in an educated healthy environment. It’s also essential to keep our eyes, ears and tongue safe from watching and listening to useless and indecent stuff so that our mind disc only fill with pleasant and pure thoughts.

The personality is a pattern of thinking, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique. A good thought reflects in our actions and words and in turn makes us a personality as a whole. If we want to see our generations and ourselves as productive and healthy beings, we must ask from Allah subhana’watalah to protect them from every evil.

There is a supplication that our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us to recite thrice in the morning and evening for protection of faculties and well-being.

اللهم عافني في بدني اللهم عافني في سمعي اللهم عافني في بصري لا اله الا انت

O Allah! Grant well-being of my body and well-being of my ears and well-being of my eyesight, There is none worthy of worship besides you.

(Sunan Abu Dawud:5090 – Hasan)

Written by Bint e Abdul Waheed 


Prophet’s Musa du’a taught by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala when he was assigned the task to do da’wah to Pharaoh.

Understanding the Qur’an requires that our hearts be cleansed first. Consciously, clean your heart from its spiritual diseases. Qur’an cannot settle in a heart that is filled with the filth of envy, hatred, jealousy and rancor.

In this du’a we ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to open up our hearts (so that we can understand His words). We ask Him to make the task easy for us (meaning understanding of the Qur’an becomes easy for me). You can also make this du’a for other difficulties in life.

After learning the Qur’an, we must communicate it to others. Many of us might be fabulous orators in the worldly studies, but when it comes to da’wah we are tongue-tied. Therefore, we ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to untie the knots of our tongue so that we can communicate His words to other people. Qur’an is a kalaam [speech], it cannot be transferred through written text only. It has to be spoken and heard. Jibreel ‘alayhi salaam would recite the words of the Qur’an and reveal them to Prophet Muhammad salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. The Prophet then memorized the words and recited them to the Companions who then memorized them and communicated them to others through speech. While reciting the Qur’an privately, we should not recite it in our heart without any sound but the sound of Qur’an recitation should enter our ears too. This is how the words will have an effect on our hearts.


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May you all be Honeyed by Allah
عسّلكم الله جميعاً

قال رسول اللهﷺ :
The Prophet, may Allah exalt his mention, said:

(إذا أحبَّ اللّه عبداً عسّلَه)
If Allah loves a person, he is honeyed by Him,

قالوا: ما عسّلَه!؟
They asked: what does honeying mean?

(قال: (يفتح اللّه عز وجل له عملاً صالحاً قبل موته ثمّ يقبضه عليه
He said, “Allah opens for him the door of a righteous deed before his death, and keeps him (firm) on it until his death”

{ رواه أحمد (١٧٨١٩) } – Narrated by Ahmad 17819

قال العلامة الألباني رحمه الله 
Imam Albanee rahimahullah said:

وأمارة هذا التعسيل بأن يرضى عنه من حوله
and the sign of this honeying is that everyone becomes pleased with that person

(لِما ثبت في زيادةٍ مرفوعةٍ للنّبيّ صلى اللّه عليه وسلم (.. حتى يرضى عنه من حوله
as this has been proven in a ‘Marfoo addition to this hadith (..until everyone becomes pleased with him)

السلسلة الصحيحة ١١١٤ – Silsilah as-Sahihah 1114

يقال بأن الشيخ الألباني رحمه الله يدعوا لمن صنع إليه معروفا بقوله: عسّلك الله
It’s said, that Shaykh al-Albani used to supplicate for the one who did a favor by saying: “may you be honeyed by Allah”.

مسند الإمام أحمد، حديث رقم: 17438، وصححه الألباني في صحيح الجامع
Source : (Musnad al-Imaam Ahmad, #17438. Authenticated by al-Albanee in Sahih al- Jaami’)

Shared By: Sr. Shumayla Akbar