You never know who you meet who will inspire you

As we stood in line to ride our next roller coaster, Ahmad and I didn’t realize that someone was listening in on our conversation.  We stood there talking about a lot of different things on that hot summer day trying to pass the time of the long wait.  I don’t even remember what we were talking about, but it was enough to have the person in front of us in line turn around and ask, “Are you guys Muslim?”  Just his pronunciation of the word “Muslim” made my hair stand up.  His dirty tank top ripped up jeans, scruffy face, and long, shaggy hair made us wonder what kind of ignorant statement might come next.

“Yes, we are,” we responded.

He then continued, “I used to play in a rock band.  We used to jam in my buddy’s basement.  And I remember a couple years ago, I was going through some really tough times in my life.  That’s when I noticed that my buddy had a Quran on his shelf.  So I walked over and picked it up.  I opened it up to any random page, and I put my finger on any random verse.”

What happened next blew us both away.  This scruffy looking wannabe rockstar then proceeded to quote a verse from the Quran in English, with no mistakes as if he sat and memorized it.  Or at the very least, it penetrated his heart for him to know it word for word after all these years.  Allah’s words had clearly had an impact on him. We both recognized the verses from Surat al-Kahf.

“Say, ‘Shall We tell you about the greatest losers in respect to their deeds? Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life and who believe nevertheless that they are doing good.’” (Surah Kahf: Ayah 103-104)

He continued, “And that verse just hit me!  I thought, man, what am I doing with my life?  What am I really doing?”  He then continued his story, “Then some time passed, and I went about my life.  And about a year later, I started going through some really tough times again.  So I went back to my buddy’s house and grabbed the Quran off his shelf again.  I opened it to any random page and put my finger down on any random verse,” he said as he gestured opening a book and pointing to it.  “Same exact verse man!!  Same exact verse!”  He then looked up towards the sky and pointed his finger up and said, “I hear ya man.  I hear ya.”  Ahmad and I started laughing at his unexpected story.

We spoke to him for a little bit longer and before we knew it, it was time to get on the ride.  After we said our goodbyes, never to see this man again, Ahmad and I were amused with the whole situation and this man’s story.  We joked about how crazy we thought our whole conversation was.

It wasn’t until later when I thought about our conversation that I felt that there was a lesson to be learned from the rockstar that Allah sent us that hot summer day.  I had to ask myself when was the last time I turned to the Quran when I was going through tough times – taking the opportunity to hear what Allah has to say to me?  I thought to myself, don’t I have as much right to the Quran as he does?  It reminded me of a couple I heard once before:

قُلْ هَلْ نُنَبِّئُكُم بِالْأَخْسَرِينَ أَعْمَالًا -الَّذِينَ ضَلَّ سَعْيُهُمْ فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا وَهُمْ يَحْسَبُونَ أَنَّهُمْ يُحْسِنُونَ صُنْعًا – 

(Al-Quran -Surah Al-Kahf 18 : Ayah 103-104)

“Say, ‘Shall We tell you about the greatest losers in respect to their deeds?  Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life and who believe nevertheless that they are doing good.”

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

A couple of months ago while cleaning, I came across an old file full of my awards and certificates from school. And I remember flipping through them, trying to recollect the memories and events that led to those achievements.

You’ve probably encountered such a moment too, where you’ve uncovered stuff that triggered memories of your hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes those memories are happy. Other times, they are sad..empty…full of regret. Regret for time wasted and effort lost.

But this Dunya is not the only place where we will recollect our past deeds. Allah will cause us to remember on the Day of Judgment too, as He says in Surah an-Naziat:

يَوْمَ يَتَذَكَّرُ الْإِنسَانُ مَا سَعَىٰ
The Day when man will remember that for which he strove [Surah an-Naziat: 35]
SubhanAllah, we will actually remember what we strove for, what we worked hard for, what we sacrificed for…we will observe our deeds…it will all be there.

So here’s an action point for you based on the above ayah:

Do a righteous deed that you wish to remember on the Day of Judgment, a deed between you and Allah. Do something today that will benefit you in the Akhirah, even if it is something small like saying the Dhikr seen below:

And also, ask yourself this everyday before you go to bed:

“What did I strive for today? Was I running in pursuit of the Dunya or in pursuit of the Akhirah (i.e. Jannah)?”

If it was solely for the Dunya, then make an intention to do better and strive for the Akhirah the next day inshaaAllah.



It’s the story of every muslim, who is looking to achieve big goal after the life, that is JANNAH TUL FIRDOUS and WAJHI’ILAH. The life of dunya is like a set journey, it’s like a game, when you attain one level, another level unlocked for you. But if you stuck in one phase, the other level ll remain a mystery. But unlikely the struggle in the initial phase is more, once your aptitude is built, you’ll have better opportunities to face hardships of next level in skillful manner. I ll discuss first part of this journey related to dunya (world) while in other part insha’Allah ll look with the perspective of consequences of actions in hereafter (akhirah).

The Quran, divine book of muslims, is an ultimate guidance, you should keep it with you all time. It explains what to do and what not to do, to remain on track. Also, it explains what ll come in your way, when you ll be trying to attain a badge or an award.

The journey begins with the dua that may Allah swt be your Helper and ask His aid in every aspect. It shows don’t underestimate the challenges, what is in front of you is surely not easy. So, keep your weapon of dua ready all time. And don’t forget, you are seeking assistance of the Al-Mighty, the Most Powerful. Then there are some don’ts and do’s. If you are looking to score high in the end, you need to struggle hard and don’t miss any award or bonus coming in your way. It’s very challenging, at every corner, you’ll experience distractions that will mislead you from your target. When you’ll start this game, maybe you would be struggling to become a conscious muslim but by the end you ll be a Momin who’ll have titles of Sabir, Tahir, Taw’wab, Muttaqi, Muhsin and list goes on.

However, some of the qualities or titles would already present in you. But for few you would require extra time and inner strength. Each chapter of the Quran ll give you practical and moral tips to ease your struggle. It ll also explain past stories of other participants (nations) who attempted it, some were failures and some were high scorers. Those who didn’t follow the rules have faced the consequences in this dunya but in spite of that, they’ll confront bigger punishments on the day of resurrection. Similarly those who scored high in this dunya, will be honored with many good news.

Let’s see some details of difficulties that’ll come in the way of achieving titles. A muslim should have fear of Allah and hope that his struggle ll have beautiful ending. When there is fear, he’ll be less distracted and can identify traps of his enemy, the Shaitan. One the key to success is be more focused in akhirah. It ll help to score more and more good deeds. Always remember every good deed has its weight and value. Every step should be taken with clear understanding to please Allah swt. It ll insha’Allah make you Muttaqi. On the other hand, when you’ll be tested with trials, like lack of wealth, health, fear of loss, hunger, death of loved ones, abuse of relatives/friends etc, the required behaviour is to uphold patience. If you face all or any difficulty with patience, and don’t complain in front of others, with your actions, words or gestures, glad tidings are there, alhamdulillah you have achieved the Title of the Sabir. Allah swt loves Sabireen and He is always there for them.Being patient is hard work; it does not always come naturally or easily.

Since you have achieved big badges, by maintaining them, you can easily unlock further challenges of the way. But don’t forget, life is series of moments, keep your connection strong with your Lord, the Majesty, Allah swt. We have to equipped ourselves with more potent weapons like gratitude (Shukar), excellence (Ihsan) and forgiveness (Tawba).

Shukar ll keep you humble in the bliss moments and when we realize the blessings of Allah swt, that are surrounding us from all sides. Iman is the one of the biggest blessing, that helps muslim to become momin. It makes him goal oriented and we feel that we are not born without the purpose. Next comes, how to achieve level of excellence. It leads muslim to the level of perfection in islamic faith, the difficult challenge. And just like you cannot tell if someone is a Mumin, you cannot tell if someone is a Muhsin either. And just like it is impossible to be a Mumin without first being a Muslim, likewise it is impossible to be a Muhsin without first being a Mumin. So it goes hand in hand. Level of excellence is attained by doing every act with best of your ability. Ihsan deals with the purification if inner soul (tazkiyah). So we can say, by attaining level of Ihsan, one also become Tahir. And a Tahir requires to be purified himself physically and spiritually from Rijs (impurity/filth). The temptations of the life, ego, show-off, jealousy, discontentment, disobedience increase the rijs of heart and soul. And it distract the believer (momin) from his goals, he lost his awards, good deeds and fill his bucket with that filth.

But as soon your conscious wakeup, re-built your connection with the Oft-Forgiving, Al-Ghafur, Allah swt. To receive His forgiveness, recognize your mistake, and make a promise not to repeat the offense. And do whatever needs to be done to rectify the mistakes and keep asking His forgiveness. It will entitled you as Attaw’wabIsn’t beautiful, that every single opportunity of good, is leading towards the title? Indeed, Allah is very happy when any of His slaves repents. If he responds to the call of his Lord and repents, he will have a prosperous life in this world and the good rewards in the hereafter. If he however does not repent, Allah will punish him for his sins and He is not unjust with anyone.

Beware that every single title is connected with other, if you lose one most likely you’ll lose other, it is utmost struggle until death hit. There are set guardians over you. As soon the time of life-game is over, the book of deeds will be closed, , and angels of death ll take our soul and they never fail in their duty. [1] When the soul of a believer who is righteous and innocent is removed, it comes out of the body like a drop of water sliding off the tip of the spout of a jug. However the soul of a disobedient person fights back and refuses to leave the body. His soul is removed forcibly and comes out torn and fragmented like a piece of cloth being pulled off a thorny bush. [1] 

Here big phase is completed, next part of journey explains the results depending upon the scores.

May Allah swt bless us to successfully accomplish high scores and titles so that we become worthy of Jannah tul Firdous where we live happily ever after, ameen.  

[1] Reference (The Hereafter by Anwar Awlaki)


“Every human is a slave. You’re either a slave of your desires or a slave of Allah. You either live life by your rules or the rule of Allah.

How can the heart travel to God if it’s chained by its desires?

O’ son of Adam! Sell this World for the hereafter and you win both, sell the hereafter for this world & you lose both.

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah

Islam is not a buffet where you pick and choose what suits you. Don’t obey your desires. Obey Allaah.

“Imprisoned is he, whose heart is imprisoned from Allāh. Captured is he, who is captured by his desires.”

Fudayl Ibn Iyad was asked “What do you find the strangest of all things?” He said: The heart that knows Allāh, yet still disobeys Him.

Don’t miss Salāh for the sake of people. You were born & will die alone, you’ll go to the grave alone & be questioned alone on Judgment Day.

الْأَخِلَّاءُ يَوْمَئِذٍ بَعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْضٍ عَدُوٌّ إِلَّا الْمُتَّقِينَ

Close friends, on that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous and God fearing…”

(جو آپس میں) دوست (ہیں) اس روز ایک دوسرے کے دشمن ہوں گے۔ مگر پرہیزگار (کہ باہم دوست ہی رہیں گے)

[Surah Az-Zukhruf:67]

Fajr you’re asleep, Zuhur you’re busy, Asr you’re tired, Magrib you’re watching tv, Isha you’re eating. You can dodge prayer, but not death.

We prepare for uncertain matters in our life like marriage etc but do we prepare for the one event that is definitely going to happen #Death

The first thing a slave will be held to account for is Salah. If we fall short on that, then we will fall short on what’s to come.

Fajr: Do not fear missing sleep. Fear a day in which there will be no sleep.

Expecting Paradise whilst neglecting Prayer, is like waiting for a train to arrive at the airport. Remember to pray Dhuhr. Everyone dreams to be in Jannah, but Allahﷻ says:

لَّيْسَ بِأَمَانِيِّكُمْ

Paradise is not obtained by your wishful thinking  [An-Nisa 4:123]

“If you could hear the sound of the pens of the angels writing your name among those who remember Allāh, you’d die out of joy.” -Ibn Al-Qayyim

This Dunya Is Not A Resting Place 👉It’s A Testing Place! #Earn Good Deeds!

The world is a prison for the believer and a Paradise for the unbeliever”. [Muslim]

Your release here, sooner or later will be coming to an end.

“He whom Allah has predestined to enter Paradise, the reasons which will cause his entrance shall spring from calamities; He whom Allah has predestined to enter the Hellfire, the reasons which will cause his entrance shall spring from lusts”. Ibn Al-Qayyim 

Get used to a rough life, for luxury does not last forever. Umar ibn Al Khattab 

Do not be overly pleased by easy times. Verily,gold is tested for its purity by fire. Likewise,a righteous servant is tested by tribulations.

It pains me to see born Muslims chasing the lifestyle of the disbelievers by drinking, clubbing, getting high etc.

Why do you think reverts run away from that life to the deen of Allah. Run back to your Lord for His mercy overcomes His wrath.

How long will the person be happy with his worldly life?..Knowing that his ultimate home is the grave.

No matter how beautiful your face is, you will still be the food of worms when your buried. Set aside your arrogance & remember your grave.

Every single limb & organ in your body will speak up & bear witness against every action you committed in this Dunya.

مَّا يَلْفِظُ مِن قَوْلٍ إِلَّا لَدَيْهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ

Not a word is said except that there is a watcher by him ready to record it.” [Surah Qaf:18]

This includes all that we post on social media, all what we say, etc.

Hijab includes the way a person walks, talks, looks and thinks. All of it should be done modestly and applies to both men and women” #Hijab

My dear sisters in Islam. Cover up for the sake of Allah before its too late as today you are over the soil but tomorrow you may be under it.

Yes hijab doesn’t necessarily indicate your level of piety BUT it is fard (a must). So regardless of what you say, you HAVE to wear it.

“Make tawba (sincere repentance) not just for sins you’ve committed, but also for obligations you haven’t full-filled.” Ibn Taymiyyah

I pray that the comfort of our graves exceeds the comfort of our beds.

We ask Allah سبحانه وتعالى to take our souls away when He’s most pleased with us and make us of those who’re always conscious.

Shared by Sr. Maleeha – Posted with some modifications.