Surah Yaseen:

  • He who created is worthy to be worshipped not any other deity is logical explanation of’ “Abudiyat”. (Surah Yaseen 22)
  • We take care special care of our hands & feet but we have to remember that they will witness upon us on day of judgement, What we do with them? (Surah Yaseen 65)

Surah As-Saffat:

  • We are again reminded to check our company, choose people as friends who will bring us close to Allah subhana’watalah and our deen not away from them. (Surah As-Saffat 51-55)
  • Ya Allah grant me ‘Qalb e Saleem, ameen (Surah As-Saffat 84)
  • When we ask Allah swt for a child then it should not be that grant me a boy but say ”OH Allah, grant me righteous child”. (Surah As-Saffat 10)

Surah As-Sa’ad:

  • When passing a judgement, be just and do not follow your desires because if you follow your desires, you will go astray.  (Surah Sa’ad 26)
  • Haq & Batil, good & evil are not equal. Its not fair and our intellect does not accept that one who is righteous and one who disbelieves will be same ? (Surah Sa’ad 28)

Surah Az-zumer

  • When we do shukr (being thankful ) to Allah, then He subhana’watalah is pleased with us. Being grateful is required by us. (Surah Az-Zumer 7)
  • Those who did not follow deen nor did they encourage their families to do so will be greatest losers on day of Qiyamah. (Surah Az-zumer 15)
  • When Quran is recited does it have any effect on my skin & heart? My heart should become soft with zikr of Allah swt and my skin should tremble with fear. (Surah Az-Zumer 23)

Written By: Sr. Uzma Hussain