Dawrah Qur’an – Concise Tafseer

Qur’an is our source of happiness. The aim of sharing gems from Quranic Tafseer is to eliminate the gap between ourselves and the Book of Allah, and opening, reading, understanding and teaching it such that it becomes a pleasant experience for us. Sharing reflections on surah’s is the most important part of the activity. While speed reading and not understanding Quran (since most of us are not native Arabs or are not very knowledgeable in Arabic), we tend to lose out on the beautiful and powerful treasures which Allah SWTwants us to capture and follow in our lives. We have tried to keep it concise and to the point, making you understand the reflections of the verse without you losing too much time.

Check our articles on Quranic Tafseer divided as:

For more detailed ayah by ayah (verse by verse) Tafseer, you can check our Sister blog Verse By Verse Qur’an Study Circle. Here you will insha’Allah find many more beneficial articles and explanation on each ayah of entire Quran.

May Allah make us among the practicing ones and increase us in beneficial Ilm. Ameen


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