May Allah SWT bless us health, energy, Taqwa and Strength of Emaan To:

🍃 Keep the Best Fast

🍃 Establish the Best Salah with Khushu,

🍃 Recite the Quran in Salah and other than Salah perfectly

🍃 Understand and Practice the Quran and Sunnah in thoughts,
Speech, actions and reactions

🍃 Make the Best Duas needed for the Best of our Deen, Duniya, Grave and akhirah,

🍃 Do Istighfaar to the level of Excellence, to really achieve removal of our sins, freeing ourselves from fire and earning Jannah Insha’Allah

🍃 Perform the Best Worship during the last 10, nights of Ramadan,

🍃 Do all Good Deeds with sincere intentions and with the goal of pleasing Allah SWT and earning His Deedar in Akhirah.

🍃 Utilize our time in those deeds which will enlighten our grave and please Allah SWT

🍃 Make the Best Duas during Sahoor and Iftaar.

🍃 Become Ibaad Al Rahman in our Character, walk, speech, actions and worshiping of Qiyaam al Layl

May this planner be a source of tremendous barakah and sadaqah jariyah for us and all who use it.

Ameen Ya Rabb Ya Tayyab Ya Hay’yu Ya Qayyum.

Download Ramadan  2016 Planner

Download Empty Ramadan Planner

30 Activities for Kids in Ramadan

Dua Shared by : Sr Shazia Nawaz


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