May Allah SWT bless us health, energy, Taqwa and Strength of Emaan To:

πŸƒ Keep the Best Fast

πŸƒ Establish the Best Salah with Khushu,

πŸƒ Recite the Quran in Salah and other than Salah perfectly

πŸƒ Understand and Practice the Quran and Sunnah in thoughts,
Speech, actions and reactions

πŸƒ Make the Best Duas needed for the Best of our Deen, Duniya, Grave and akhirah,

πŸƒ Do Istighfaar to the level of Excellence, to really achieve removal of our sins, freeing ourselves from fire and earning Jannah Insha’Allah

πŸƒ Perform the Best Worship during the last 10, nights of Ramadan,

πŸƒ Do all Good Deeds with sincere intentions and with the goal of pleasing Allah SWT and earning His Deedar in Akhirah.

πŸƒ Utilize our time in those deeds which will enlighten our grave and please Allah SWT

πŸƒ Make the Best Duas during Sahoor and Iftaar.

πŸƒ Become Ibaad Al Rahman in our Character, walk, speech, actions and worshiping of Qiyaam al Layl

May this planner be a source of tremendous barakah and sadaqah jariyah for usΒ and all who use it.

Ameen Ya Rabb Ya Tayyab Ya Hay’yu Ya Qayyum.

Download Ramadan Β 2016 Planner

Download Empty Ramadan Planner

30 Activities for Kids in Ramadan

Dua Shared by : Sr Shazia Nawaz


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